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Carb Envy

on July 1, 2014

I have a serious case of carbohydrate envy today. I will stop short of claiming that I am physically jonesing for carbohydrates. There’s enough clarity in my brain to recognize that this is an emotional or mental desire versus a physical craving. Although I am largely having a good day food-wise, I’m just a titch whiny about the fact that eating carbohydrates stalls my progress. Friends on the picnic table outside of my office split a sandwich for lunch. Although my edamame salad and mozzarella cheese lunch was perfectly tasty and even though the soybeans have carbohydrates, I got downright wistful, wishing for a bit of a sammie instead. Last week, I caught the aroma of toasting bread and it sent (scent? ha) the desire for it into my system. I wanted to smell it again, right before crunching into it with a nice bite.

About half an hour ago, someone heated up leftover pizza in the office kitchen. The atmosphere was perfumed with robust garlic. It smelled like garlic bread cooking which, to someone like me who loves garlic and is half-Sicilian, is the equivalent of lighting up a joint in front of a marijuana junkie. How much would I have paid for a thick slice of crusty garlic bread right at that moment? A lot!

I can be such a brat-baby sometimes about this whole eating healthy process. At least I realize it which makes the behavior slightly more tolerable to me. I also keep it to myself most of the time. It’s not like I stomp around the office saying, “I want bread. Whaah! Why can’t I eat an English Muffin? *mumblecussmumble*. It’s not fair that everybody else can eat carbs but I can’t. Whaah. Whaah. Whaah.” No, lucky you, I just wait until I blog about it here.

Look, this too shall pass. I know it. I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself right in the moment. Instead of falling off of the wagon and mugging a tourist for their potato chips, I’m munching on my healthy, non-carb, afternoon snack. I’ll remind myself that I made a positive choice and do my best to kick the carb envy to the curb.

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