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Seven Day Effort

on June 30, 2014

My regular schedule at work runs Monday through Friday, so Mondays always feel like I’m starting anew. Or like I’m starting over. Or something. They just never feel like I’m simply continuing on the next day of my progressive journey. Consequently, Fridays usually feel like the end of a week’s worth of work, not only in my job, but also in my health and weight loss journey. I constantly have to remind myself that my efforts don’t stop with my work week.

I’m not always successful with those reminders. My pattern is usually to think that I can give myself a couple of days off and then pick up again and go full speed ahead on Monday.

I’m working on this because, if I don’t I begin to feel like I make progress a few days forward and then take two steps back. This is not to say that I believe one has to diet every single day of one’s life, but it is also a very good idea not to go hog wild every weekend.

So, it’s a mindset that I’m working on. I’m attempting to learn when I can cut myself a little slack — or to what degree — without creating a weight gain that will then take me a few days to knock off, thus delaying the overall forward progress. I did pretty good this weekend. Friends and I went on a day trip on Saturday into the Everglades. We stopped for healthy snacks and lunch items to take with us. We took a trail walk. There were pig frogs, but no pigging out. Yes, I said pig frogs — unseen but definitely heard with their rhythmic grunts. I like saying pig frogs, can you tell? Okay, back on track — I did not pig out, free fall off of the wagon or go crazy. Yesterday, I got out for a bike ride, did some additional errands both outside the home and in it. A friend and I went out to dinner. All in all a good couple of days.

This means that today, Monday, I did not feel like I had to pull myself up, shake myself off and get back down to business. It really felt like another in the line of “one day at a time” progression. I like when I can feel a little matter-of-fact about the journey. It’s good for me to take a look at Monday morning as a “just another day, just get to it” experience.

2 responses to “Seven Day Effort

  1. Skye says:

    I tend to fall into that weekdays-weekends trap, just as I still haven’t gotten over having the summers off, even after all these years. It’s easier to see the days as having similar significance when I”m not working but that just doesn’t seem like a viable alternative right now. 🙂

  2. hoperoth says:

    Nicely done! I also have a tendency to go a little crazy on the weekends. Which is why I like to make plans to do active things. Burn calories, distract myself from ice cream. Win-win!

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