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Seven Weeks

My knee replacement surgery was seven weeks ago. I know I’m improving but the rehab work continues to be hard. Today was my last covered PT session. I’ve decided to continue and pay out of pocket, even while I try to convince my health insurance company to authorize more sessions 

If I stop, I lose the momentum progress and it would be tough to regain with a lengthy break. The therapist and I talked. I’ll go for two sessions a week where a therapist works on me and then an extra session where I can work on the machines they gave me do. 

The treadmill, bike, squat board and weighted plates all are helpful. However, the hands on pushing, pulling and forcing of my leg truly take my leg extension and flexion further than I can get on my own. 

Small wonder that those are the activities that hurt the most. Pain signifies gain, for real. I have two weeks before I am then away for a conference. I am determined to make the most of those weeks. 

This journey has started to wreak havoc with my emotions. I’m starting to roller coaster a bit and noticing that I began to use carbs and sugar in a misguided disease way to balance myself out. 

That’s not the way to handle the situation.  I need to stop eating off plan and ride the feelings. Even when I’m uncomfortable 

I had a two hour PT session today with hard effort. I hurt. I’m also inexplicably sad to the point of weepiness. I hate crying but that’s where I am. So if I need to cry, I will – rather than bury the feelings in chocolate chips. It will be far healthier for me to grab an ice pack and  a book and go to bed. 

Tomorrow is another day to strive for progress. 

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