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Shuffling On

on July 16, 2015

I made it through my first boot experience.  I was able to stop wearing it on Sunday and have been in running shoes for the last few days. I am cautiously pleased and optimistic that the treatment is working and my foot is healing.  I’ve had significantly less pain than I was experiencing before the treatment.  This means that every step does not feel like I’m driving a hot spike through my heel.

I go for the second treatment in about an hour, then ten days again in the boot.  Hopefully then all will be well and I can get back to more activity!

I’m still struggling with the eating disorder, which sucks.  I am, however, determined to keep fighting.

How’s everybody else?

3 responses to “Shuffling On

  1. Yesterday I had corneal replacement surgery — which turns out to be the nearest experience to psychedelic I’ve had in forty years. I can see! okay, in one eye. All the better to keep watch over your Weighty Matters journey. Keep on shuffling, albeit a lot easier with the Even Up.

    • Mary Stella says:

      Wow! I am amazed that you had the surgery yesterday and are reading and responding to blogs today! Wishing you speedy, complete recovery and beautiful vision ahead!

  2. Mary Stella says:

    Back from the treatment and moving along in the boot. If any of you ever have to wear a boot on one foot, I highly recommend getting something called an EvenUp for your other foot. It fits over your sneaker and raises the foot so that you’re even with the booted foot. This was such an improvement. Without it, I kept twisting my back and even my hips hurt.

    The treatment procedure isn’t too bad… although multiple injections, first to numb the foot while also irritating the tissue to stimulate the healing response, following by additional injections of the platelets, don’t necessarily add up to a good time.

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