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Perspective and a Question

on July 9, 2015

I’ve been wearing the boot for almost a week.  I am cautiously optimistic that the platelet treatment has done some good and healing is progressing.  The boot itself is awkward and walking is somewhat uncomfortable.  I’m off-kilter because the booted foot and my other foot are uneven in height.  So walking, particularly going up or down stairs, twists my back and strains my hips.  Plus it feels like there is now more pressure on my right knee, which is the one that already has the bad arthritis.  I’m waiting for a device to arrive that I can strap onto my right sneaker that will elevate that foot 1/2 inch to 3/4 of an inch which should balance me out and alleviate some of those issues.

All things considered, it could be worse.  Awkward and uncomfortable are not as bad as burning pain, which is what i experienced before the treatment.  Still, every once in a while this past week I’ve found myself slipping in whine-mode and I have to stop and give myself a reality check.  I think of the dozens of military veterans I’ve met over the last several years who have returned from active duty with devastating injuries.  For the rest of their lives they will function with prosthetic legs or arms, or legs and arms.

I’m in a boot for a couple of weeks, with a break in between those weeks.  When tempted to whine, I need to suck it up.

So, that’s the perspective part of this blog post, now on to the question.  Have any of you ever used acupuncture as a treatment?  It’s been suggested to me by several people whose opinions I trust and value, including my sister-in-law who is a nurse practitioner.  We have an excellent acupuncturist in town. I called for a consultation but she’s on vacation this week.  I’m curious to hear from anyone who has undergone this form of therapy, including what you had treated and what you thought about the experience.  (If you’re comfortable and willing to share, of course.)  Thanks in advance!


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