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Step by Step, Day by Day

on March 29, 2013

Three good days under my belt, each accomplished one day at a time. It’s amazing how much more balanced I feel in my head and emotions.  The scale is much more balanced, too, as the bloat/water weight has come off.  The only thing that’s lacking a little this week is my exercise.  Zumba class was cancelled and we hit some cruddy weather that reduced the opportunity to walk as often as I like.  Still, I made Tai Chi class on Wednesday, practiced a few times on other days, and got the dogs out for walks when I could.  So, I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I can make up more exercise time tomorrow and Sunday.

I’m really proud of myself for getting back on track with my food.  What’s that proverb that it isn’t important how often we’re knocked down, but how often we get up?  That’s how I feel.  So far, whenever I hit rough patches, I’ve managed to pull myself together.

Going back to basics helps.  Remembering powerful tools like one day at a time, give me a useable method.   I chanted it like a mantra in my head and it got me past some temptation.  I looked at foods that aren’t on my plan and said, “No, not this time.  Not today.”

I didn’t whine about it.  I didn’t resent having to say no to certain foods.  I cultivated an attitude of, “What’s more important at this moment, today?”  That is always an easy answer.  I am important.  My recovery remains more important than food.

I’m not going to gain back all of my weight.  I’m not going to stay at my current number.  I’m going to continue to lose and get to my goal.

After three good days, I experienced a tremendous NSV.  A friend has been staying with me for a couple of weeks.  She’s also losing weight.  We’re at about the same number but with different body types.  She’s a few inches taller than I am so if we way about the same, the weight distributes differently on each of us.  I got home from work today and said that my size 20W denim capris are starting to feel a little loose.  She went to her room and brought out a pair of denim capris in 18W and suggested that I try them on.  “Oh, I’m not ready for this small a size yet,” I said, but I tried them anyway.

They fit!  Even more so, they’re comfortable and look great!  Do you know how long it’s been since I could wear an 18W?  You don’t?  Well, I don’t either, but it was a helluva long time ago.

Because of the differences in our shapes, the 18Ws are too big for her and she can fit into a straight 18.  Guess who now has a new pair of cute denim capris?  Yes, she gave them to me on the spot.

This positive reinforcement strengthens my determination to have another strong day tomorrow.  Step by step, day by day, I can keep building a successful life.

3 responses to “Step by Step, Day by Day

  1. Hope says:

    Nicely done! I bet you look fab in them!

  2. June says:

    Hooray! What a wonderful and unexpected treat. I am so glad that you are feeling back on track. Great work!

  3. kipper43 says:

    I am so excited for you! Getting into a “teen number” and saying good bye to 20’s is an awesome feeling! I can wear some 18 stretch and am psyched also. Your day by day one day at a time is so true. It has helped me get through flatlining weeks. What has helped me get through horrible weather days are the Leslie sansone DVDs! I found the 3 mega mile it is a combo of band upper arm workout intop if walking three miles! I got it at target. Keep up the great work and you will reach the stars!

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