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You Don’t Know Until You Try

on July 14, 2012

I didn’t have Tai Chi class this morning so I made plans to try a regular Zumba class at 9 a.m.  You might remember that on Memorial Day I went to Zumba Gold, which is supposed to be a little less intense and geared to the over 50 crowd.   Six weeks ago, I was delighted that I managed to keep up with the quick pace and maintain the movement for the full hour.  I’d hoped that the place I went to would soon add some ZG classes in the evenings so that I could go a couple of times a week.

That hasn’t been able to happen yet.  I’ve been feeling the need to step up my exercise routine.  Yes, I’ve been as diligent as possible with my water exercises, as well as doing my in-home DVDs.  However, I still feel like I haven’t progressed as far as I should with the exercise part of my recovery plan.  I decided to check out the regular intensity Zumba.   After all, what was the worst that could happen?  I flail around in back out of synch but keep moving?  Well, I guess that the worse that could happen is that I pass out and die, but why be negative?

I suited up in comfy shorts and picked a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt to wear for inspiration.  I figure if the Boss can rock out a full concert for three hours at age 62, I could last an hour mixing dancing and exercise.  I slipped on my new sneakers, grabbed a bottle a water and headed out.

They had a full turn out this morning.   Several women I know arrived for the class and warmly welcomed me.  Pretty much all of them gave me the same advice.  “Even if you mess up the steps, just keep moving.  Just keep moving.”

That’s what I did.  Through mambos and traveling steps, squats, lunges, kicks and all of the rest, I just kept moving.  To my complete surprise, I actually kept up with the class through all of the songs. Did I do every step and move perfectly?  Oh heck no, but I kept moving with a high level of energy.   I boosted my heart rate and worked up a sweat with the best of them.

By the time the hour was over, my body knew it had worked.  I felt terrific!  I’ve already decided to go again on Tuesday after work for another class.   Looking at their schedule, I know I can make a class on Tuesdays and alternate Thursdays.   This schedule will go a long way toward advancing my overall exercise commitment.   The cardio routine will do great things for my heart.  Burning off calories is an added benefit.

I could have waited to see if they scheduled an evening Gold class.  I could have delayed until I’ve lost even more weight.  I’m glad that I went in with the attitude that I’d give it a shot and see what happened.  This was far more positive than letting fear of failure keep me stuck.   Successfully working out in a regular Zumba class provided a terrific boost and I’d never have known I could do it, had I not tried!


2 responses to “You Don’t Know Until You Try

  1. Hope says:

    With physical fitness, the only way I’ve found to really get more fit is to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m so glad to hear that you pushed yourself and succeeded. 😀

  2. Skye says:

    Go you! You are really making huge strides (and lunges!). I’m very impressed by your going to the regular Zumba class: I’m not sure I could even manage a Zumba Gold class given how I can wear myself out in 15 minutes at home dancing. You’ve been working so hard, I’m glad you can see all this progress yourself.

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