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Serene Sunday

on March 11, 2012

I’ve spent most of the day thinking I had nothing to blog about today.  I’ve been going about my business, getting things done but not rushing around.  In between tasks, I’ve taken time to cuddle the dogs or watch competing cooks on a show.  About half an hour ago, I realized that I’m in a nice, even place emotionally.  I’m not upset about the fact that my weight number still hasn’t moved.  I’m not second-guessing myself and wondering if somehow I went off track with my food plan and that’s why I haven’t lost any pounds in over a week.  Somehow, I moved into a place of acceptance and my serenity returned.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say “Somehow”.  I actually attribute it to coming here and writing about the stress, the emotional junk, the ups and downs of the journey.  Putting it out here gets it out of my head.  It gives it a place to go so that I don’t carry it around.

There is also the added bonus that posting it to my blog means that wise people like you leave thoughtful comments and lovely support.

My head and heart are balanced today.  I posted in a comment earlier that I did the brisk at-home walking exercise and got all of the way through the one mile that had defeated me earlier this week.  That felt great!  Instead of beating myself up that it was “all” I could do, I’m celebrating that it’s more than I did a few days ago.  I’m looking forward to building on that until I can do the two-mile, then in their time, the three and four mile exercises.  However, by the time I get to three miles, I’ll be back to walking on the 7 Mile Bridge!

In another hour or so I’m going to join some classmates and do Tai Chi on the beach.  I revel in the way my body feels when I do the moves.  I love the way that the deep breaths infuse my cells.

All of this lifts my spirit.

Head, heart, body, spirit. . . Everything’s in great shape today and that sets me up to have another great day tomorrow!

Some cousins of mine are vacationing in the Keys this week and they’re coming over tomorrow for wine and conversation on my porch.   I might have a few sips of wine, but won’t go more than that small portion.  I’ve decided to make two of my favorite-to-make hors d’oeuvre items – mini buffalo chicken meatballs and mini-jalapeno souffles.  I looked at the recipes and realized that both will give me good protein without a lot of carbs or fat.  Plus, they are “small bites” so I can enjoy them with my company, fill my nutritional needs and not stuff myself.  By making and partaking, I won’t feel like I’m depriving myself and not having fun.  Bonus!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

3 responses to “Serene Sunday

  1. londonmabel says:

    Congrats on the miles!

  2. susan lindley says:

    It was a most excellent Sunday! So glad you had a great physical and mental day. Celie and i walked two and a half miles. My feet kill me still, but my back is stronger and i was not out of breath. We also did an hour of our oldie but goodie richard simmons dvd, sweatin to the oldies. It was great. Then reality and all its problems creeped in on the way home and i was really mad and upset (without going into detail family stuff). I had an hour to get myself together mentally and really try hard not to run to food to comfort my anger. Instead i sit down, calm down and read your blog Mary, and i find i am back focusing on the positive day and realizing everyone is safe and all can be dealt with. So thanks again for your focus and honesty about how you are feeling. And yes it does help to write it down and put it away. My blood pressure is already lowering. Sweet dreams and happy thoughts

  3. robenagrant says:

    Good for you, Mary. I’m kind of in the same tranquil space.

    I resumed swimming today, for the first time in six months. I had a skin problem last year and wasn’t sure if it was an allergy to an over-shocked pool, bacteria, or too much sun. So I gave it up but missed it dreadfully. Today I decided not to let fear dictate to me and figured I’ll take it slow and monitor any problems.

    It felt like such an awesome treat. And my energy level is amazing.

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