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A Me Day

on March 10, 2012

Most of us spend much of our lives doing things for our families, friends, jobs, pets.  Often, we put ourselves last, or at least further down the priority list.  Either that or we focus on all the things we need to get done that fall in the category of personal responsibilities.   This weekend, I know that I need to get together information for my taxes.  I need to vacuum, dust, and do laundry.  There are still more boxes in the office that should be sorted so I can clear out even more space.  (Lately I’m thinking that if I clear enough space I could fit an elliptical machine in there for exercise.)

The To-Do list doesn’t go down in size unless I take care of those tasks.    However, I’m a big believer in scheduling “me” time and doing things for myself that I really enjoy.  This self-nurturing and self-care enhances our lives.  Me time restores and rejuvenates us and that is so important!

Today I gave myself to engage in plenty of Me time.  I started the day with Tai Chi class, which I really enjoy.  I had time after to come home, let out the dogs and read the local paper while rocking on the porch and enjoying the pretty sunshine and lovely water.   After that, I went off to have my hair colored and have my eyebrows shaped.  When my hair looks terrific, and it always does once my stylist works her magic, I feel the boost to my energy.  I like the silky swing of it and the soft texture when I finger comb the strands.  It makes me smile.

Honestly, spa and salon activities are a preferred source of Me time.  In addition to my hair appointments,  I get a manicure every other week, a pedicure once a month, and also go for a facial about every six weeks.    The pedicure chairs at the salon also massage you while the nail tech works on your feet.

I love the pampering. Even above and beyond the facts that these activities make my hands and feet look and feel terrific, and the facials help me keep my skin healthier, the fact that I’m being worked on in positive ways that feel great in the process enhances my overall spirit.  If my cells and muscles could sigh with happiness, you’d hear them and smile.

After I got home from the hair appointment today, I could have broken out the vacuum cleaner or the duster.  Instead, I picked up the book I’m reading and went out on the porch again with the pups.  Two neighbors were sitting out next door by the water and I joined them for a nice chat.  After an hour or so, I came in, read some more and even took a brief nap.  Total relaxation was the order of the day and I know I’ve responded quite favorably.

Tonight I’m continuing to chill at home.  I might go to a late movie in town . . . or I might extend my relaxation and also go to bed early.  Whatever seems the most appealing is the activity I’ll choose.  After all, today is all about me!

How do you give yourself me time?  Do you treat yourself regularly or are you overdue?

3 responses to “A Me Day

  1. Hope says:

    Your title makes me think of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ1hrhJQDC8

    I’ve had too many looming deadlines lately, which makes it really hard to take some me time. We’re going up to VT in a couple of weeks to go skiing. Well, Kristian will be skiing and I will be hanging out in the lodge. I need to spend most of the time doing classwork, but I fully intend to get a massage and take some me time.

  2. Nan says:

    Too fun, Mary Stella! Good for you! We do the same mani/pedi schedule, but I want to have a facial…I think I might!

  3. susan lindley says:

    Way overdo! I am more relaxed after reading what gou did today though! I know i deserve “me” time, but dont always take it. I love my mani/pedi’s also. Maybe monday. If my hands and feet feel pretty, i will feel better. Great idea.

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