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Vacation Plan

on January 18, 2015

So, I’m going on my cruise.

Note to potential thieves: My house is protected by a friend who is staying here in my absence.

Cruises offer a lot of food.  Alllll day long and late into the night you can eat and eat and eat.  All I can think is that I’m so glad that I had weight loss surgery, otherwise I could easily eat myself to the dimensions and graphic results of that little girl in the Willie Wonka movie or Mr. Creosote in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.   Still, temptation is every where and the food choices are pretty much all varied and delicious.

However, as we know, my recovery is not just about abstaining from quantity.  It requires abstaining from compulsively eating unplanned items or at unplanned times.  The key thing here is “plan” — as in I need one for cruise survival.  It’s vacation.  I want to enjoy the delicious prepared foods without then feeling swamped with gilt and other negative, destructive emotions.  I don’t want to feel emotionally deprived and sulky.  I also don’t want to be consumed by constantly obsessing about the whole thing.  I also don’t want to gain weight while I’m away.

Here is my plan.

  • Continue to follow my three-three eating plan – three small meals, three small snacks so that I eat every couple of hours.
  • Stay out of the buffet restaurant except when I’m there for the specific meal – usually breakfast and lunch.  Do not drop in and pick up a random couple of cookies just because I’m on that deck for another activity.
  • I do not need to eat a dinner roll.  I love bread and they always serve a basket of it on the table at dinner.  This is basically a junk carb for me.  Besides, it takes up room in my stomach that is better reserved for whatever yummy protein and vegetables will be on my entree plate.
  • If I really want dessert, I can have it after dinner.  Remind myself that just because it’s in front of me does not mean that I’m obligated to finish it all.
  • Maintain physical activity.  On the days at sea or when I have a later excursion time, I will get up and walk the deck and do the morning wellness program the ship offers.  I will not rely on the elevator but will take the steps – up and down – most of the time.
  • Stay hydrated.  Water is best.  Green tea is tasty.  Fluids in are important.
  • Remember that these are all positive actions that I choose to take; healthy changes that I choose to make.  This is not a diet.  I do not resent the way that I choose to eat in a healthy, appropriate, yet still delicious manner.

So, here goes.  I am not taking my computer with me and will not have phone access much while away.  I don’t think I’ll have any chance to post so I’ll catch up with everybody after I return.  Have a great week, everyone!

3 responses to “Vacation Plan

  1. Enjoy a fabulous time. Exhilarate! You’re on vacation!

  2. christineabush says:

    Have a healthy blast, Mary! I like to remember that TASTE is just ONE of my senses.. and too much taste affects the quality of the other great senses. Balance brings enjoyment of all! Have a great time! Xxoo

  3. Holly says:

    Have a wonderful time.

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