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on August 17, 2014

There are numerous reasons why I love the annual trip to the Cape. While I always love vacationing in new-to-me places and taking cruises, I also embrace and appreciate returning to the familiar location and spending time with the same mix of family and friends. There is ease and relaxation in the camaraderie when you’ve known people for years, even decades.

I love the ebb and flow of conversation and group participation in activities. Time to put together a meal for the masses? No problem. Someone smoked a couple of briskets and pork roasts. Someone brought a recipe for grilled watermelon and feta salad. Teams of people are working on a fresh cole slaw and potato salad. I brought up key limes and made pies. While we’re preparing, someone is experimenting with the cocktail of the night. All of a sudden there’s delicious food and we’re gathered at a huge oval table to enjoy it together.

One of our group brought several hula hoops for us to try and late at night the musicians are jamming down at the dance hall.

We are friends and we’re also, for this week, a community. There’s a lovely atmosphere, free of stress but full of good humor and fun. When someone wants to work off a meal, there’s usually multiple people up for a walk around the farm or eager to go for a longer trek around the canal.

As the lone Floridian, I particularly appreciate the cooler Cape Cod weather. It’s warm enough to be comfortable but such a nice break from the heat and humidity we experience in the Keys in August. I love that I can sleep with the windows open in my room and we don’t need air conditioning.

I’m enjoying good food with vegetables picked fresh from the organic farm next door.

It’s a great vacation so far.

One response to “Vacation

  1. hoperoth says:

    It was such a great vacation! I’m so glad we got to spend so much time with you. 🙂

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