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Checking Out Recipes

on August 29, 2013

I love the Internet for many reasons, not the least of which is the easy, nearly immediate, access to information. while chatting on the phone tonight with my friend, Janet, I talked about my kale-rutabaga-cannellini bean soup that I invented. This reminded her of watching Andrew Weil cook a super curried cauliflower soup on the Doctor Oz show. She read the recipe to me but I didn’t have time to write it down, but that didn’t matter. A few clicks on my keyboard and I had the recipe.

While I was on the website, my interest was immediately caught by another recipe for a purple power smoothie. Seriously! I love smoothies and purple is my favorite color. Of course I had to immediately check out this recipe too. Strawberries, blueberries and bananas — Yum! One thing it calls for, that I’ve never tried, is firm tofu. That sounds like a good protein boost. Yep, I printed out this recipe too and will pick up the ingredients this weekend.

I made a smoothie this week with strawberries, pineapple and dragon fruit. Isn’t this a lovely morning drink?


I like getting excited about healthy foods and nutritious recipes. This journey isn’t about eating crappy stuff that doesn’t taste good. It’s about nourishing my body with good food, taking time to select and prepare quality ingredients, and sticking to my food plan. There is a greater likelihood that I will, indeed, stick to that plan if I enjoy the things I’m eating and drinking. The trick is just not to eat and drink too much.

Got any nutritious recipes that you really enjoy? I’d love to check them out!

3 responses to “Checking Out Recipes

  1. Hope says:

    That smoothie is gorgeous! I make a chocolate pie with silk tofu. It’s basically a bag of chocolate chips melted in a double boiler, blended up with a package of tofu. Then pour it into a shell, and let it firm up in the fridge. It’s not too terrible for you, and it’s surprisingly tasty. I don’t usually like “healthy” versions of desserts (if I’m going to eat something bad for me, it better be really delicious, otherwise I’d rather stick to something that is healthy all on its own). But the tofu pie is actually something that I would make and eat. Because, yum.

  2. Skye says:

    It’s also a great way to share recipes! I’ve sent adapted recipes to people from other people (a chocolate cake comes to mind).

    As I don’t cook (but really need to start), I don’t actually look for or collect recipes. But my housemates do, all the time. Or she marks recipes in magazines and then copies them on the printer/copier/scanner machine. I’m trying to convince her to invest in a picture database so she can scan in the recipes (or house pictures or decorating ideas) into a program and then be able to find them whenever she wants.

    I also believe that it’s important to eat high-quality, tasty food. If you enjoy it, you might eat more slowly to savor it, which gives your body time to send you the satiation signals. If you eat more slowly, you eat less. Junk food generally tells your body to eat more, for a variety of reasons. I can get more enjoyment out of a single handmade chocolate truffle than I can out of a whole bag of cheap candy.

    Hmm, I’ve obviously got chocolate on my mind. I blame the fibromyalgia, which has kicked up, at least in part due to a major change in the weather from hot and sunny to stormy.

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