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Live Every Moment

on June 6, 2013

A short time ago I received news that a dear friend has cancer. His stomach, liver and lung are involved. Please keep him in your prayers.

I met and became friends with his wife and then him back in 2000. They are the nicest, kindest people. He’s close to 80 but lives a full, active life with Jeep adventures, lots of RV travel, good times with friends and family celebrations.

This diagnosis just sucks.

They’ve been planning to spend the winter in the Keys. I hope and pray that his treatments are effective and they can still come. Even if they can’t come, I pray the treatments work. These are two of my favorite people. The world would be a less happy place for those of us who care about him if things do not go well.

That sounds like I’m making this more about me and his other friends. I don’t mean it to be. It’s really all about him, his battle, and their journey together. I know this and I’m also sad. Can’t help but be.

When I responded to the email that broke the news, I reminded them that we have a date to go fishing on my boat and I’m holding him to it. Until I have reason not to, I believe it will happen.

In the meantime, this is another reminder to live every moment and make life the best it can be.

4 responses to “Live Every Moment

  1. Mimi says:

    A cancer diagnosis is far reaching. Our journey began January 2nd when my husband pointed out a lump in his neck. Since that day there have been endless scans, two surgeries, daily radiation treatments and weekly chemo treatments. Just today he was pronounced “in remission”. The journey is not over, but we know we have the love and prayers of many and each day seems brighter.

    We are aware of how many people have suffered through these months with us, and we are very grateful for their love. Your friends will know how much you care. Check in with them and say whatever is in your heart. Trust me, it’s enough.

    • Mary Stella says:

      Mimi, I’m sorry for your struggles and happy to hear that your husband’s cancer is in remission. When my mom was sick and we were in the midst of the seemingly endless doctors appointments and treatments, it really felt like we were waging war.

      No kindness, act of help or thoughtful gesture was too small and all were appreciated.

      I pray your husband continues to do well!

  2. Skye says:

    That sucks! Cancer sucks. I do hope that the treatments work and that he and his wife can make their fishing date with you.

    And thank you for the reminder to live every moment and all. I tend to forget it and simply huddle.

    Take care and the very best of wishes and hopes for your friend.

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