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System Reboot

on June 5, 2013

I’m home after my action-packed weekend and conference. I had a great time, learned a lot and am bubbling with ideas.

I’m also exhausted, achy, and out of sorts. It was much easier to make poor food choices due to ready availability of food that isn’t on my plan. I’ll give myself a C- grade. It would have been a C but the party last night featured wait staff walking around with Jell-O shots, spanikopita, and other stuff. I was weak.

I also drank way too much caffeinated tea in three days. That never used to affect me but now it does. Just like I no longer have great tolerance for alcohol because it goes right into my bloodstream and straight to my head.

My body doesn’t react well to me not following protocol. Five days of sometimes good sometimes bad has really thrown me out of whack.

I’m not even that concerned with whether I gained weight. I simply want to feel better. After the long drive home, I stopped at the supermarket for fresh fruit, greens, veggies, Greek yoghurt and coconut water.

It’s time for a system reboot. I’m paying attention to what my body’s saying and will do my best to respond appropriately.

One response to “System Reboot

  1. Skye says:

    Listening to your body and eating well because that’s what makes you feel good seem to be the best things for long-term success. Isn’t it nice to have gotten to this point? You are so aware of your body now and that helps you take good care of it.

    I found myself eating ice cream every night after dinner because, hey, it’s there and I love ice cream. Then I realized that not only would I put on all the weight I’d lost, but I was starting to feel a little funky digestion-wise. Too much sugar, I think, as well as too much fat. Once in a while is fine, but just because it’s there every day doesn’t mean I have to eat it every day. It’s hard to live with people who have all this stuff around all the time! Cookies, ice cream, and chocolate. Definitely need to get back to living in my own place again, for my own preservation! 🙂

    Good luck on your reboot!

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