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Conference Check-in

on May 2, 2013

It’s Wednesday night and the end of a very long but great day at the RT Convention.

Yes, I’ve received a lot of enthusiastic and congratulatory reactions to my weight loss. A couple of people’s reactions also touched my heart because of the wistfulness I saw in their eyes and on their faces. They too battle excess weight. I want to hug them all and find some words of encouragement.

I don’t know what to say other than to be honest and open. Look, I struggled for decades and the bald truth is that I couldn’t achieve, let alone maintain significant long term weight loss on my own without surgery and a complete lifestyle change.

So, honesty and openness are what I offer and hope it helps.

Travel and the conference routine are challenging. I didn’t prepare and plan well for travel day yesterday. I ate some crappy carbs including chips and not enough protein. By early evening my stomach was not happy.

Today has been much better. Protein shake for breakfast. Small servings of protein every few hours. I took a walk outside and also did a brisk 35 minutes on the treadmill. I had a healthy dinner.

I will confess to one decadent treat. The evening party had chocolate fountains. Among the bowls of fresh fruit and cakes there was one of crisp bacon strips. Sounds gross but bacon dipped in chocolate tastes amazing. With supreme strength of will I walked away after one strip.

I wore my new dress tonight, the size 16/18. I think I looked pretty good. What do you think?


12 responses to “Conference Check-in

  1. Hope says:

    You look fantastic!

  2. Hey Mary , So sorry I missed you at RT! I saw Becky a few times and she said you were looking great. Seeing the pictures now, I realize that I don’t think I would’ve recognized you. You look fabulous! Betty dinner at RT next year for sure 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Love the dress. You look fabulous!

  4. Mary Stella says:

    Thanks, Everybody!

  5. Sounds wonderful, Marykins! And you look great. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Thinking of you! xxoo

  6. robena grant says:

    You look wonderful! And happy! So glad you’re having a good time at RT.

  7. Susanne says:


  8. kipper43 says:

    You are looking amazing! That glow on your face is beautiful! You have impeccable taste I love your dress! I need your advise when it comes close to my cruise this September!

  9. Looking absolutely gorgeous!! Zowie!!!!!

  10. Holly says:

    You look so amazing and better than that you look so happy. Have a great time at your conference.

  11. Skye says:

    That’s a wonderful dress and you look so terrific! You look happy and glowing with health. I’m so glad you are spending time with friends and attending a conference you like.

    You have a will of iron to stop after just one strip of bacon dipped in chocolate. 🙂 Good for you. Hope the rest of the conference is spectacular!

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