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Protecting Myself and My Recovery

on April 28, 2013

I had to explain to someone that I’ve taken steps to separate myself from an aspect of a particular situation because it was necessary in order for me to manage my stress.  I’m not sure the friend completely gets it, although I would expect her to since she’s had to take a similar step in other situations.  I’m giving it a couple days or until the next time she brings something up to me that would expose me again to the stress-causing aspects.

I’ve thought about it a lot today and realized that, if need be, I will go into the full explanation of my eating disorder and how excess stress is one of those things that can easily trigger me to eat compulsively and eat too much.  I have a lot of clarity in my brain right now.  In fact, I’m crystal clear that I will go to any lengths necessary to protect myself and guard my recovery.

Sometimes it’s difficult for other people to understand that an eating disorder can be as powerful and destructive as alcoholism, drug addiction or any other addictive disorder.  Maybe it’s because I still need to eat to live or maybe it’s because there are a lot of people who struggle with weight issues who don’t have eating disorders — or at least don’t realize that they do.  Whatever the case, I know from experience that some people get it and others don’t.

This friend is pretty savvy and aware.  I actually believe she’ll understand if I put it in direct, no bullshit terms.  I’d like her to understand but I also realize that it isn’t the most important part of this whole thing.  The part that matters most is that I take the measures I need to in order to stay on track and in recovery.

2 responses to “Protecting Myself and My Recovery

  1. Rebecca (Another One) says:

    I like your comment. Sure understanding and support makes us feel better, but we have to support ourselves even if others don’t.

  2. Skye says:

    It can be really difficult to explain to people who have no experience with the life issue you are trying to get them to understand. And sometimes it’s important for them to understand. I hope your friend understands when you express yourself directly and fully. Then she can become yet another supporter of your efforts.

    But I’m glad that you have decided that you don’t need her understanding to stay on course. You have everything you need to do it. And that’s what matters.

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