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Embracing the Adventure

on February 24, 2013

After our ziplining experience in Kauai, I shopped in their little store and bought a t-shirt.  It says Embrace the Adventure and has a graphic of someone ziplining.  Nothing could more perfectly describe how I felt about the whole day, unless there had been a sub-line that said, “And Be Grateful that You Can!”

I went through all of my photos from the day to resize them into manageable files for uploading and was telling a friend about the day.  Once I knew that I’d made the weight limit, I wasn’t scared or even particularly nervous, but I was incredibly excited.  We climbed the suspension bridge to the first ramp and, one-by-one, we were hooked onto the first zipline and sent on our way.  I knew that I was completely secure with my harness, the straps, the heavy-duty carbiniers and the actual cable that is airplane rated to sustain 12,000 pounds.  I stood on the edge of the platform, looked down, down, down, and took a deep breath.

This was the moment of truth when I would trust the equipment and take a step off of the platform into air.

“Here you go, Mary, this is what you’ve been waiting for!” I said to myself and stepped off to zoom across the line  high above the ground.  I yelled, “WOOOOHOOOOO!” and grinned from ear to ear.  I couldn’t wait for the next zipline.  The suspension bridges might have been a little wobbly but, again, they were strong, so I wasn’t afraid.  I was happy that I had the strength and balance to make steady progress.

Every time I look at the photos, I smile again and my heart glows.  It was so much fun and, even more, I am proud of myself and my friend for embracing the adventure.  I know what effort it has taken for me to get myself to the weight and fitness level so that I could physically engage and I’m proud of that too.  My friend is a bit leery of heights, but she also faced down her fears to zipline.

This morning I think that this is all a big metaphor for approaching life.  Here’s what ziplining reminds me to do.  Seek out adventure.  Challenge yourself to go outside your own norm, your own box.  Set your goals.  Identify your allies/guides/mentors/coaches.  Surround yourself with supportive people and be supportive to them as well.  Trust your preparation.   You have to launch yourself into space before you can fly.  Your early landings might not be graceful, but as long as you arrive safely, you win.

Don’t be held hostage by your nerves or fear.  Feel them and do it anyway.

Those are my lessons from ziplining.  I’m taking them with me into the future while I seek out new adventures.  You can bet I’ll also zipline again, any chance I get!

What adventure or goal would you like to experience, physically challenging or otherwise?

Getting oriented about the equipment.

Getting oriented about the equipment.

Kauai-Beautiful Tree Top View

View from the platform.

Looking down.

Looking down.

I'm ready!

I’m ready!

Almost my turn.

Almost my turn.



Straight down the line.

Straight down the line.

6 responses to “Embracing the Adventure

  1. Hope says:

    That looks really fun! I have also gone bungee jumping. I’ve thought about sky diving, but that might be a bit much… even for me!

  2. christineabush says:

    Totally unbelievably cool. I am so proud of you. so darn proud!

  3. Skye says:

    Damn that looks fun! Ever since bungee jumping, I’ve wanted to zipline. I will, eventually, I think.

    You are totally right about not letting your fears control what you do in your life, as difficult as that is (and boy do I know that!). I think you have some great advice in this post and you are, as usual, inspiring.

    So glad for you!

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