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No Food Obligation

on February 23, 2013

I’m still working through photos and will get some more up online sometime this weekend.

It’s been a rough week.  Not only did the jet lag completely kick my ass, but I also had some weird illness going on.  I didn’t feel sick like with a cold, but starting from when I was on the cruise ship, I had an intermittent “productive” cough and lots of congestion.  When I slept at night, it wasn’t a good sleep and my butt definitely dragged all week at work.

Work itself was stressful.  I knew when I got back that I had to make deadline on a few projects and, of course, other things came up.  While I was away we also lost one of our co-workers suddenly and unexpectedly to a heart attack.  They’d contacted me in Hawaii to let me know but it didn’t quite feel real until I got back.

So, anyway, my emotions have been a mix of sadness, stress, and the residual high of a great time on vacation.  My body was a bit of a mess.  I ended up gaining some weight when I thought that I hadn’t, but I think this could have been water bloat.  Even though I got in two Zumba classes and Tai Chi, I still felt sluggish and yucky.

I’ve been trying to clear up my system.  Earlier this week I talked about wishing I could do a three day detox and cleanse, but I had committed to going out to dinner last night and tonight with friends.  I love these friends and want to spend time with them so I was an odd mix of happy anticipation and internal whining about the whole food thing.

This morning it hit me.  There is no rule that says I have to eat a full meal when I go out to dinner tonight.  I’m under no obligation to even order an entree.  Maybe they’ll have a soup that I like, or I can pick on of their salads and then pick at it.

The important thing is that I should enjoy the social aspects and the company of these friends and not worry about the meal itself.  This is a very freeing realization.  I now feel much better about the whole thing.  I’ve had a good day so far with food.  Protein shake for breakfast and some homemade, healthy soup for lunch.  I’ll assess my protein intake for the day before I go to dinner.  If I need more but don’t want to ingest meat or something heavy, I can always have another protein drink and then, like I said, nibble on veggies and salad.

Whew.  I really do feel a lot better emotionally now that I’ve worked this out.

2 responses to “No Food Obligation

  1. Hope says:

    Sorry you’re having a tough time. That sounds really rough. 😦

  2. Skye says:

    Sounds like a tough week. So sorry about your co-worker — what a shock!

    It’s great that you came to this food realization. It will probably have ripples throughout your life now. I think it’s a very important one.

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