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National Heartbreak

on December 14, 2012

This afternoon I nearly whined in my doctor’s office because my sleep test results weren’t what I hoped.  Yes, the apnea and hypopnea are greatly improved; just not enough for me to stop using the CPAP machine.  As I departed through the waiting room, I looked up at the television and saw the news report of the horrible murder of children and their teachers in Connecticut.  Suddenly, my upset over having to use a machine to help protect my health felt insignificant.  How stupid of me to whine over needing to use a machine to protect my health when 20 children and seven adults were shot to death.

This is so horrible.  It’s senseless.  The heartbreak shared by everyone is so huge, it’s like there are weights pressing on all of our chests, making it difficult to breathe.  I’m sure that somewhere I should find some compassion for the killer.  If it hasn’t already, then in the not too distant future we’ll probably learn that he had “some problems”  I’m sorry, but right now tonight, I’m fresh out of compassion for the young man.  All that I have or can generate belongs to the families of the shooting victims and their friends and neighbors in the community.

Maybe in the days ahead I’ll find an extra prayer to say for the soul of the killer.  Tonight, my prayers are for the fallen, their families, and all who love and care about them.

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