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Great Report

on December 11, 2012

I had an appointment with my primary care physician today.  She hasn’t seen me in several months.  Several months and 70 pounds to be exact.

It was a great appointment.  We went over the results of the bloodwork I had done last week and my numbers are terrific!  My fasting blood sugar is below the “at risk for diabetes” range.  My cholesterol levels are in the normal range with a great ratio of good cholesterol to bad.  Great results — and I haven’t been on my blood sugar or high cholesterol medications since the surgery last January!  Clearly, I no longer need them.

All of my vitamin levels checked out in the normal range.  My iron count is a little low but that’s actually normal for me.  I have something called thalassemia trait.  If a doctor didn’t know that, then sometimes my bloodwork might look like I’m anemic, but that’s not the case.  It isn’t anything that I need to worry about and only would have been if I’d wanted to have kids with someone else who also had thalassemia.  My doctor evaluated all the numbers that provide information about the number and size of my red blood cells and concluded that there’s nothing that I need to do about the iron level.  More good news!

I’ve been on a beta blocker and another medication for high blood pressure for several years.  Over the last several months, I’ve continued to take them, but I’ve also monitored my blood pressure a few times a week.  I saw the numbers dropping, so I wasn’t surprised at the reading the nurse got today in the doctor’s office.  After reviewing the numbers, my doctor took me off of these medications.  I’m to monitor three times a week and see her again in a month for a follow-up.  However, for right now, I am 100% prescription drug free!

This is exactly the outcome for which I’d been hoping.  The main co-morbidities I had previously, all of which were attributable to my obesity with some impact from family history, are currently resolved.  It’s remarkable!  Technically, I’m still obese but it’s almost like my body has acknowledged that I’m swiftly moving in the right direction, so it jumped to the front of the train and improved at an even faster rate.

Needless to say, I could not be happier with today’s report.  It provides even more hard data that I’m doing exactly what I need to do to improve my health and fitness.



7 responses to “Great Report

  1. Mary Stella says:

    Many thanks, everyone. I’m still pretty jazzed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best. News. Ever! I am so happy & excited for you!!!

  3. bhnmt says:

    congrats! that is terrific!

  4. June says:

    Wow!! I am overwhelmed. What fantastic news. It is wonderful to see all of your hard work pay such fabulous dividends.

  5. Robena Grant says:

    Wow! Fantastic, Mary! I’m so happy for you.

  6. Skye says:

    Yay for you!!! *throws more confetti* You are doing so wonderfully! And good for your body for getting on the train and helping move it down the track.

  7. Woo-hoo!!!!!! *throws handfuls of confetti*

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