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Former Food

on November 27, 2012

I’m at the airport for a 24 hour trip home. Typing this on my iPhone so please forgive sentence fragments and typos.

I was hungry when I arrived and surveyed the restaurant choices to supplement the cheese wedge I brought. I’d planned for this and only needed a little chicken or turkey.

While in line I couldn’t help looking at the array of pizzas at one place. Pizza was always a big binge food for me. On my worst days I could plow through an entire pie. I’ve had it maybe three times in ten months under very controlled conditions.

Looking at the platters of pies tonight I was amazed at the hugeness of the portions. A single slice looked twice as big as I remembered. My stomach turned just thinking about it.

Then I remembered that previously a huge slice wouldn’t have stopped me. In the past, I could and did eat that much, washed down with soda and followed by dessert. Now I get full just by looking

I walked away still thinking about it and then wondering about the calorie and “nutrition” data. The guy in front of me ordered a stuffed pepperoni slice.

You can google almost anything these days. So I did. Almost 1000 calories with some ridiculously high fat count. Sodium was off the charts too.

More than I eat in a day hit that man’s stomach in a few minutes.

Tonight I am incredibly grateful that I’m not eating like that ever again.

2 responses to “Former Food

  1. Nan says:

    Amazing what knowing can do for it, isn’t it, Mary and Skye? I use MFP, too, and it keeps me sane. Having to log calories sure makes you rethink your choices. Today, I’m bagging lunch out in favor of making a veggie casserole (no cream soup or cheese, just the veggies and tiny bit of olive oil) for a friend’s birthday. Hold a good thought that it turns out well.

  2. Skye says:

    Oh ugh! 1000 calories in one go. Since I’ve started using MyFitnessPal on my computer and my iPhone, I’ve changed my eating habits a lot. Not completely, but my treats intake has dropped a lot even when I have it in the house because I’ve seen how many calories some of this stuff carries. Calories that I expect from ice cream but not from cookies. I got a drink and a treat yesterday from Starbucks, then entered them into MFP and ohmigod, there were so many calories and so much fat in the pumpkin bread all I could think is that the whole thing must be made with lard! So much for buying that again any time soon. There’s a lot to be said for knowing the caloric count and fat count for a food item. And even better, to be able to look at something you know is ridiculously unhealthy and FEEL unhealthy just contemplating it.

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