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Victory in Da Feet

on November 25, 2012

First the detox-cleanse final report.  I made it through, perfectly, for all three days.  This morning I woke up feeling terrific emotionally and physically, and then stepped on the scale to discover I’d lost seven pounds.  That’s a heck of a lot in three days.  I lost even more than Dr. Oz lost, but I’m bigger than he is to start and he probably didn’t do Zumba two days in a row when he did the detox-cleanse.  Whatever the case, my system feels flushed and I’m happy.  I don’t know that I’ll do a three day detox again, but I noticed on his website that he has a 48 hour one, too.  Maybe I’ll try that next time.

Over the months of this journey, I’ve seen so many changes in my body, most of which I’ve mentioned here.  My collar bones have emerged.  When I lie down I can feel my ribs.  I’ve lost a couple of chins.  Even my forearms are thinner.  I’ve dropped several sizes in clothes.  Today I experienced something completely new!  I have to make a quick trip up to New Jersey this week.  Seriously quick, as in I fly up one night and fly back the following night.  I was going through clothes today to check the outfit that I plan to wear when I’m up there.  My sister-in-law got a number of pairs of pants and capris from a co-worker who recently lost a lot of weight.  I’m grateful because they’re in the next two sizes I’ll fit into.  Living here in the Florida Keys, I usually only wear pants that actually reach all the way to the tops of my feet when I go home to the Northeast or off to a writers conference.  The rest of the time, I’m in capris, shorts, cropped pants and so on, with flip flops, sandals or sneakers on my feet.

I had one of the pairs of pants recently hemmed, specifically so I could wear them this week.   I thought it would be good to try them on again tonight (Size smaller!) with the shoes I intended to wear.  I haven’t worn these shoes since April.  I put them on and realized that they are wayyy too big.  So big that I can’t keep them on when I walk.  My feet slide around and the heels slip off.

I’ve lost weight in my feet!  How cool is that?  I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before.  The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t notice a change in my sneaks because I wear sweat socks.  I assume that the thicker socks fill in any extra space right now.  I’m probably pulling the laces tighter, not realizing that I’m compensating.

Amid my excitement, I also had an “oh shit, what do I do” moment.  I wear, or wore a 10 1/2 double wide.  This is not a size regularly available at most stores and we don’t have “real” shoe stores anywhere close to where I live.   I could have been in serious footwear trouble but I rummaged around the closet and found a pair of ankle-height boots.  I’ve never worn them because they were too tight last year, but I forgot to return them for a credit.  Good thing!  They are a little big now but because they lace up and aren’t “broken in”, I can tie them tightly and wear them without a problem.  Whew!

If these boots can get me through this trip and my vacation at Christmas, I won’t need close-toed shoes until the end of April.  By then I will probably be down to a shoe size that isn’t likely to change on me again.  I can’t describe how terrific this feels.  All of my life, getting shoes has been a challenge.  Finding shoes that fit and don’t look like they should be worn by someone in their 90s is even more difficult.  Reducing my foot size even a little bit will definitely open up more footwear options.  It’s a wonderful NSV and I’m psyched!

2 responses to “Victory in Da Feet

  1. Skye says:

    Seven pounds: awesome! Losing weight in your feet: awesome! Having to buy new shoes, well, depends on your take on buying shoes. For me, annoying. Glad you have some shoes you can wear.

    I forget: what does NSV stand for?

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