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Making Ourselves Happy

on July 22, 2012

I feel better today.  Thank you, friends, for your support.  I’ve never thought about exercise opening up emotions, other than releasing endorphins that are supposed to make us feel better.  That could be something to look at.

After some reflection I also think that all of the news coverage about that horrible event in Aurora, Colorado impacted my spirit.  My heart breaks for the people who are suffering either from being in that theater or because they lost someone they loved.

The bath last night helped.  Immersing myself, literally and figuratively, in something that relaxes and pleases me was a good strategy.

Today the weather is decidedly gloomy.  Gray skies with periodic rain and frequent thunder and lightning.  Blech.  I’d hoped for sunshine and a calm breeze so that I could take out the boat and then exercise in the pool.  Maybe it will clear up at some point in the day, but in the meantime, I’m making other plans.

I’m attacking another closet today and picking out clothes that I can still wear as well as those that might be worth altering to a smaller size.  The garments that don’t fit in one of those two categories will be donated or disposed of before the end of the day.  These closet purges provide tremendous positive reinforcement.   Positive reinforcement makes me smile.  After I take on the clothing/closet purge, if the weather’s still sucky I’ll pop in one of my exercise DVDs.

A couple of days ago someone asked me if I thought that optimism and pessimism are learned or if they’re part of our innate makeup.  I think it’s mostly a case of learned behavior and environment.  We absorb what we’re surrounded with as we grow up, although I’m sure it’s possible that we might have something in our genes that might influence us depending on what we’re exposed to as well.  However, I also believe that when we reach a certain level of maturity, we can influence ourselves and change how we react and how we approach life.

After answering the question, I wanted to know why she’d asked me.  “You seem to be a pretty positive person,” she responded.

I like to think that’s true.  I know I believe that the way that we choose to be — positive or negative — attracts more of the same.  I’d rather be upbeat and positive and, hopefully, create more of that energy in my life.  So today, instead of bitching and moaning about the bad weather, I’m going to do stuff that makes me happy.  Stuff that doesn’t involve overeating or eating inappropriately. Staying on my food plan makes me happy too.

Hope you all have a happy day!

************************************************** Edited to Add *******************************************************

I spent a happy couple of hours clothes purging.  I reclaimed one nice summer-weight dress that’s in such good shape I might even alter it when it gets too big.  I removed almost two dozen casual tops.  Some are in good condition so I folded them into “donation” bags.  Others are faded enough or look a little shabby as are a couple of skirts and pants so I threw them out.

When I was finished I looked at what was left and realized that I had fewer than half a dozen casual tops to wear out if I go to dinner, the movies, or something else social after work — not to mention my vacation next month.

My weight is lower than it’s been in 15 or more years.  There aren’t any additional gems hanging around in my closet waiting for me to lose enough weight to wear them again.

Yikes!  As much as I don’t want to spend a lot of money on new clothes, I really need to invest a little to get me through.

Luckily for me, one of my favorite stores is having a sale on their website.  I found four pretty new garments and three of them were 50% off!  These will tide me over.

3 responses to “Making Ourselves Happy

  1. Susanne says:

    One time I was leaving the hospital after a very sad visit. I was in my car, exiting the parking lot when a woman in a SUV slowed down to let me go first. She gave me a big grin and a thumbs up. That gesture meant the world to me at that time. It was so friendly and genuine. As odd as it sounds, it lifted my heart.

    So, to Mary and Skye, thumbs up!


  2. Mary Stella says:

    Skye, my pool isn’t long enough to swim laps in either. I can go about three-four strokes end to end. I take my music with me and do water walking, dancing, jogging, lunging, squats, etc. I just ordered some water exercise ankle weights to increase resistance and some water dumbbells.

    Remember that you can also hold onto the side and kick kick kick. My steps go into the pool, as opposed to a ladder on the side. I figured out that I can sit on the steps and do ab crunches or turn over and do push ups.

    I use the approach (adapted from Dory in Finding Nemo) of “Just keep moving. Just keep moving.”

    I’d love to have an elliptical machine! I’m going to concentrate on clearing out more space in the bedroom that I use as storage/sort of office. (I say sort of in that I have files in there and a desk but I actually keep my laptop on my dining room table so that I can look out the window at the water.)

    You can do it, girlfriend!

  3. Skye says:

    Well, your positive and upbeat outlook definitely affects my negative and fearful outlook — in a positive way! I figure if you can be so positive while being so limited in your diet, and after being super-obese and having to deal with how people thought/might have been thinking of you and might have treated you, the least I can do is reach for a bit more positive. Like learning the habit of choosing, before I get out of bed, my attitude for the day. (Still working on that!) Your happiness is infectious.

    Wish your exercise was: that’s what’s keeping me in the 190s rather than letting somewhat better eating bring me down about 10 pounds. But Julie reminded me on her blog that I do have a small gym here with a stationary bike and a treadmill and an elliptical. The pool is not a swimming pool, but when I figure out when the pool is mostly empty, I can go out and walk around it in circles in the 4-foot range (I’m 5’8″ — it will still give me enough resistance, I think).

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