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Observations on the Road

on May 20, 2012

I flew to Boston on Friday for my younger nephew’s college graduation and lovely time with family.  Time has been short and Internet access slow, so I’m behind in blogging.  This is my second more major trip since surgery, meaning I’m really out of my element without easy access to the “tried and true”.  I have some observations, good and bad, about traveling.

Carbs are always more readily accessible than quality protein.  I still prepared, by packing some cheese, etc.  Unfortunately, I realize I still have the tendency to want the carbs and justify the want in my head, even when there is no logic to that choice.  I’ve had some successes and fails this weekend.  Success — not buying a Dunkin Donuts doughnut when I went for tea at the airport.  Success — realizing I could buy a meat and cheese pack that offered small portions on the plane.  Fail — also eating the pita chips that came in the pack.  Success – Enjoying a lovely stroll for several blocks on Friday afternoon.  Fail – That glass of wine that I really didn’t need but the hotel offered every afternoon.  Compounded that with a white sangria at dinner.  Not supposed to drink that much alcohol.  Success — eggs for breakfast.  Success — making healthy choices and not overeating at the post-convocation reception.  Success — Another lovely stroll yesterday afternoon.  Success/Fail — excellent dinner with good portion control last night, but was starving by the time we ordered entrees so I had a piece of bread.  However, turned down a cocktail.  Success — yogurt and fresh berries for breakfast this morning!   I guess when I look back at the whole weekend, I did more good than harm to my food plan so, overall I’ll rate this a plus weekend.  Besides that, emotionally it was terrific to be with my loved ones.

Emotionally, I have to say that I observed a very human development while I’ve been away.  Last night, at our celebratory dinner in a really good restaurant, I was temporarily overcome by a swamp of resentment.  I’d ordered a delicious rib eye done in a wine reduction.  It was absolutely delicious.  I was thoroughly pissed off that I couldn’t physically eat more of it.  I didn’t care so much about not eating more than a couple of the also tasty rosemary pomme frites, but damn it, I really, really wanted more of the meat!

The portion was huge and, even in my pre-surgery days I would have been hard pressed to consume the entire rib eye.   Last night, I would have hated wasting almost the entire thing.  Luckily, my 20-something year old nephews have good appetites.  I cut the portion in half at the beginning and portioned it out to them.  I hate slowly, chewing many times and savoring the flavors.  Aware that my mood relating to the limited capacity to eat was pissy at best, I made the conscious decision to just accept that this is the way it is for me now.  I could let it spoil the evening for me or I could put it away and enjoy myself.  That’s what I chose.  The acceptance eased the resentment and my mood improved.

I believe my nephew’s ultimate goal is to own and run his own restaurant.  I suggested last night that when he does that years from now, there will no doubt be many, many more people who have had bariatric surgery.  So, instead of relegating them to appetizers, which are not the full menu of choices, he should also offer “petite” plate versions of each of his entrees.  I think that’s a great idea.  I also think that someone should do a small bites cooking show on Food Network that focuses on wonderful flavors and textures in small amounts.  Instant hit!

Well, it’s almost time for me to leave for the airport.  One other observation that continues to please me, is how much easier it is for me physically to travel.  Hoofing around airports isn’t nearly as strenuous and uncomfortable.  I practically revel in my body’s fluidity and the new found comfort I have, even with a backpack on while pulling a suitcase!

6 responses to “Observations on the Road

  1. pinkpelican says:

    I have had a couple of occasions where I wished there was a way to “velcro” my stomach back in, just once or twice a year, so I could really tuck in and enjoy an amazing meal without any limitations. I understand the resentment there. Good for you for finding a way to turn that emotion around to something positive!

    I’ve also found myself thinking that a “Tiny Tummies” restaurant would be awesome. A place that caters to people wanting and/or needing small portions. The one ounce awesome bite for people in those first few months post-surgery. The 4 ounce meal designed with the perfect balance of protein & sides. The 8 ounce meal with lots of a la carte choices. To-die-for desserts in tiny bite size portions – a smorgasbord of petit-four sized sweets. Along with the ability to double the 8 ounce meal for folks without surgery but who either want to have good food with reasonable portion sizes or are coming with their friends who did have surgery.

    And I would love to see Food Network start catering to the folks who need and want smaller portions. That would be awesome!

  2. Marti91257 says:

    Good grief Mary, this is an idea whose time has come! I really think you should follow through on this idea and try to contact someone who can put your idea to work… In the meantime, congratulations on all of your successes! Every new event with your new body is going to present you with a new set of challenges, I’m so happy for you as you make the best of them!

    • Mary Stella says:

      I’m trying to find an email address for Food Network. I’ll definitely suggest the idea!

      • Mary Stella says:

        Okay, so I found the Contact Us form for Food Network and actually wrote them tonight to suggest a show about small bite wonders. I’ll let you know if I hear back with anything other than a form email. 🙂

  3. Hope says:

    Mary, it was so great to see you. You looked fantastic. But, even more importantly, you seemed so very very happy and that made *me* happy.

    I channeled my inner you and got a good chunk of my dinner on Friday wrapped up. I had some for lunch today and there’s still enough left over for another lunch tomorrow. I thought of you when I was heating it up. 🙂

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