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I Was Rewarded!

on March 21, 2012

Yesterday, blog reader and commentor Judie accorded me a reward and an honor on her blog by passing on the Blog on Fire recognition.

 Thank you, Judie, for your kind comments about this blog and for including me.  It means a lot.

It is now up to me to pass on the award to another blog or blogs.  I read many so it’s a difficult choice.  However, today I’d like to pass it on to Jenny (aka Jennifer Crusie), Krissie (aka Anne Stuart and Kristina Douglas) and Lani (aka Lani Diane Rich and Lucy March) for creating the wonderful blog Reinventing Fabulous.  They’ve made a place where it’s okay to share about issues, struggles, journeys, progress and everything else.  Their openness and honesty engenders more of the same from readers and it’s become a lovely community of other ReFabbers.

Thank you to all of you who are reading the Weighty Matters blog.  I appreciate each and every one of you, whether you comment or lurk.  It’s just good to have you stop by with your energy.

Big hugs to all!

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