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The First Not So Great Day

on February 27, 2012

I’ll try not to whine too much, but since this blog is about the journey and I pledged to be honest, I need to share the bad stuff along with the good.

Not that there’s a lot of bad stuff, it’s just that I feel like I’ve been on a roll, accumulating positive change after positive change.  Then this morning hit and I’ve felt like crap since waking up.  One of the side effects of the transitional diets is that, internally, things don’t move along smoothly.  (How’s that for a polite allusion?)  All systems are not go and it’s bothersome.  Then, my stomach’s felt queasy all morning.  About half an hour ago I decided I’d probably feel better if I just threw up, so instead of fighting it, I did just that.

Oddly enough, I do feel marginally better than before, so I guess that’s a plus.

For my final complaint of the day, I’m tired of getting tired.  I worked an event yesterday at my day job, standing around talking to people should not wipe one out, but after only three hours I was exhausted.  When I got home I ate a little something and then flopped in the recliner with my ever-present large glass of fluids beside me.  I was so tired I couldn’t even nap, which is weird because I can normally catch shut-eye anywhere.  However, I soon wasn’t sleepy and stayed up through the entire, fairly boring, Oscar Awards presentation.  (How bored was I?  I flipped to Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America show at 9 p.m. and only returned to the Oscars during commercial breaks.  Don’t think I missed any major awards.)

So, this morning I woke up queasy, phlumphy (made up word for how I feel intestinely) and tired.  No energy to speak of on a day when I really wanted to recommit to daily exercise.

Whine whine whine, complain complain, bitch, moan, kvetch.

I need to break this down.  Logically, I believe the transition to pureed and soft foods is creating the issues.  After six weeks of liquids, my body needs to readjust to different food items and I might have pushed it a little.  I didn’t overeat — who can overeat when a couple of tablespoons at a time fills you up? — but I might have tried to introduce a greater variety of pureed and soft foods in too short a time period.  So, I’m scaling back.  I started the day with a good old reliable protein shake and packed a food I know my stomach can handle for snack/lunch at work.  On the way home, I’ll pick up an over the counter aid to help get things moving inside.

I will diligently sip sip sip sip sip water and not force the issue with my queasy stomach.  I already know that taking in too much at one time makes me want to hurl so why push it?  Small sips only but on a consistent basis will keep me hydrated without the nasty reaction.

As for the tiredness, I need to remember that I’m not completely healed and recovered from the surgery.  The guy that called me yesterday told me that his surgery wiped him out for a couple of months.  I need to remind myself that I am not a wimp if I feel tired after several hours of working.  I also need to remember that when I’m full of energy and feel like I can take on the world, I have a tendency to overdue and my body will make me pay for that the next day.  So, everything in moderation.   Plus, I need to not beat myself up over the tiredness.  It’s to be expected, not to be resented or battled.

This too shall pass.  I know this logically and emotionally.  As time goes on I’ll feel better and better.  I’m confident that there will bemany  greater days than today.

11 responses to “The First Not So Great Day

  1. Thea says:

    You had major surgery! Recovery time is a year.

    When I socialize for three hours – usually for an interest group – I am exhausted and my brain is blotto. When one tries to give everyone the best, it’s fun, and a great energy suck.

    Plus, what everyone said about electrolytes.

    You know, you’re really doing very well. Goodonya.

  2. Mary Stella says:

    Hi, Everyone,

    Just wanted to check in and say thanks again for all of the support. I’m already feeling better this evening. Tomorrow will be even greater!

  3. pinkpelican says:

    I’m assuming you had bariatric surgery? So did I!

    It took a bit after surgery to get everything moving (my doc recommended Milk of Magnesia). Now, I did not have the same food course you describe. Prior to surgery I had no real restrictions until the day before, which was liquid only, then nothing after midnight. I was in the hospital for 2 days & released directly to pureed food, & transitioned to soft (essentially regular) diet a week later. So my experience might not be something you will deal with. However, I’ll offer it up as something that *might* happen to let you prepare just in case. It’s a little oversharing, but if it helps …

    It took me at least 2 days after discharge for stuff to move, and I needed help to get it started (my doctor recommended Milk of Magnesia). When everything did “start moving”, it went straight from nothing to uncontrolled liquid diarrhea. No warning AT ALL. One second I’m resting in the recliner trying to sleep, the next, it’s time to change everything. (Fortunately, there was a sheet over the recliner & it was a small amount.)

    Until you find out how things are going to respond to the Miralax, you might want to consider using super-long overnight menstrual pads to help catch anything that you might not have control over.

    On the plus side, this issue only lasted for a couple of days/nights, and each time I started to get a little more warning before things moved so I had a chance to make it to the restroom. It also got me moving faster than I would have normally right after surgery. Grin.

    My husband also had bariatric surgery, shortly after I did. While I am no longer having issues with bowel movements (they are regular, about every 2 – 3 days), he sometimes still does have some issues with constipation. He’s been taking probiotics (you can find them in the vitamin/supplement aisle, by themselves, or you can find yoghurt & stuff like that fortified with probiotics). That is helping him deal with some of the irregularity. Doesn’t sound like you are ready for that yet, but it’s a thought for later.

    Best of luck!!!

    • Mary Stella says:

      Thanks for all of the info and sharing of your personal experience. Which surgery did you and your husband have?

      I hope you’re pleased with the results and that things are progressing well for both of you!

      • pinkpelican says:

        We both had vertical gastric sleeve. This was the first post I saw & I went back & left random comments on other posts; I’m big about sharing, but feel free to ignore me if I start to get irritating. ;=) I’m still in the very enthusiastic stage, as everything is going quite well.

  4. Martha Andrews says:

    Mary, I’m sorry you’re having an off day…

    I know you’re anxious to feel normal again and have some sense of control over your recovery (and it will come in time) but until then, listen carefully to the messages your body is sending to you – and take it easy…

    As far as your other issue is concerned, have you tried apple juice? Prune juice (yuk)?

    Feel better, girlfriend!

  5. There’s also the possibility–especially since you are undoubtedly run-down–that you are fighting a little bug. Maybe just take a rest day and see if you feel better.


  6. Mary Stella says:

    Hi, Everyone. Thanks for the encouragement, support and suggestions. I’ll try Miralax. (I can’t quite believe that I’m discussing such things in an open forum, but, hey, it’s honest! LOL)

    Robena, that’s a good thought about electrolytes but I stayed hydrated through the entire day. The water bottle is my constant companion!

    I know it will get better. I’m just having an off day. Thanks again, all, for coming to my pity party. 🙂

  7. Braless Betty says:

    Heck, three hours of meet and greet would tucker me out without recent surgery. Be patient dear. Any kind of surgery is a shock to the system and it can take months to fully regain your strength. FGBV’s to good poop’n!

  8. I was going to say fiber, but your system probably isn’t ready for that. Miralax seems to work really, really well with those kind of issues at my house. I have three people with the camel approach to elimination – once every three or four days – and then there’s me to bring the average back to normal. Three times a day. TMI??

    Being tired is to be expected. 1) you are recovering from surgery, which takes a while! 2) your caloric intake is limited so your body has to do all that converting from fat stores to make energy which bodies don’t like to do (don’t take that, I might really need it some day!!)

    I have GERD which has created erosion in my esophagus so I’m fairly sensitive to the idea of throwing up – try not to get there, it’s really not good for you.

    Remember changing your life like this doesn’t guarantee that every day from now on will be sunshine and roses, but it does mean there will be more sunshine and roses than there used to be. I think you are doing phenomenally well overall and should give yourself a hug.

  9. robenagrant says:

    Have you tried replacing electrolytes? If you were standing around and working yesterday you might be a bit dehydrated. A few small drinks of Gatorade might help. I live in the desert and often when I have one of those slightly off moments if I remember not just rehydration, but electrolytes and I always feel so much better.

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