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Weighing on My Mind

on February 16, 2012

I don’t know about anybody else, but as an overweight woman, my excess avoirdupois is/was always on my mind.  There’s no escaping, unless you count eating yourself into a temporary food coma.  I was always conscious of the extra pounds I carried around.  Anytime I walked, and particularly if I had to go up stairs or even step up on a curb, I felt how the weight impacted my body.  Every day normal activities that most people give little to no thought to accomplishing had to be assessed before proceeding.  Could I do them?  What would it take?  What if I couldn’t?

If I rented a car, would the seat belt go around me?  Would that rented chair at the party be strong enough to hold me or would it break under the strain?  Would I get stuck in the turnstile? At a party or dinner, was there room between tables for me to navigate?

It’s hard to relax and enjoy a social gathering with so many things to consider and so many possible catastrophes weighing on the mind.

This is one of the positive results of weight loss that I’m looking forward to the most.   I can’t wait to not have to constantly measure things and situations.  Although I will always have to think about my food and what I eat and drink, I won’t have to worry about whether I’ll be able to relax at the table and enjoy the meal.

One response to “Weighing on My Mind

  1. londonmabell says:

    Was watching Oprah’s Life Lessons show–the episode wasn’t about weight, but there was a segment with a woman who was quite overweight but would take her son to the pool a lot cause he LOBED it. But was finding it difficult to pull herself out of the pool after–getting stuck in the pool became such a fear, she thought she’d have to stop going, but that would break her son’s heart, etc.

    So… I hear ya. I look forward to hearing about your Little Happy Moments to come. 😉

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