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Counting Down

on March 13, 2017

I’m about 36 hours out from having my knee replacement surgery. The little challenges and glitches keep cropping up and I keep stomping them out and moving forward.

At this point, I sort of shrug when something happens, shake my head, and get down to doing whatever needs to be done to fix the problem. Today was the counter guy calling to run down the prices and get my okay to order the half slab of recycled glass that I want.

The half slab of recycled glass that his shop assistant told me he ordered last week so it would be cut and installed this week. Now it won’t get here until next week which means that my bathroom won’t be as functional as I thought. My hope is that I will at least be able to use the shower and toilet when I get home from the hospital. If not, well at least I have another bathroom.

Most of us have endured construction and/or remodeling projects at some point, so we all know how much dust infiltrates not only the room that’s being remodeled but pretty much the whole house, or at least the entire floor that the room is on. I have a one story house so, yeah, it’s all over the place. It also doesn’t help that I am a casual house cleaner at best. At worst, I’m good at ignoring what I can’t see, or not seeing what I’d like to ignore. Oh hell, more a combination of both. Anyway, there are places that I haven’t visited with a dust cloth, broom or mop in a while – like behind the refrigerator.

In preparation for my recovery period at home and the initial stay by my brother and sister-in-law to help me over the first several days, I splurged and arranged for a cleaning service to come do a deep cleaning. That was today and I would recommend these people to anyone. (I probably will, actually.) They weren’t kidding that they go deep. It’s a husband and wife team and I believe that she scrubbed the kitchen floor by hand. Between my own less than stellar cleaning and the construction, they have even more work than they expected and actually ran out of time today so they’re going to return tomorrow and finish up. However, whatever they cleaned is absolutely gleaming! I am amazed.

I’d checked in with them mid-day and they said things were going well but that they were currently working without water because of the plumber. The plumber? I wasn’t expecting the plumber to return today, but on Wednesday. Well, how the heck are cleaners supposed to clean without water? I made a quick executive decision and authorized them to please let the plumber know that he had to turn the water back on for them.

I know that it’s a little thing and it was easily fixed but this happened right after the counter guy told me about his delay. It was just one more thing that I had to handle on a day when I was already spinning too many plates. When I got off the phone with the cleaners, I shut the door to my office and indulged in a short cry. Letting it out, even through tears, released the stress and let me move on.

After work, I went for a treatment with my massage therapist. Among other things, she does manual lymph drainage. I heard from several people that flushing out the lymphatic system of toxins before having a surgical procedure helps the body with the healing process. She worked on my lymph system for a good half an hour and then finished up with releasing tightness in my back, neck and shoulders. I got off that table and my body felt great!

I’m now winding down for the night. I have a couple of things to pack into my overnight bag to go with the clothes and other items that I’ll need over the next few days. Mostly I’m set, but I made a list and will check it twice before leaving tomorrow.

I committed to this surgery in mid-December. I’ve done everything I can to prepare myself for the actual procedure and for the immediate days after. I’m as ready as I can be.

Wish me luck! I’ll see you afterward. Thank you for the kind words and support!


3 responses to “Counting Down

  1. Ellyg234 says:

    Best wishes, Mary, for a gold standard surgical outcome & a speedy & effective recovery. As you have said you have prepped & organised and you sound very fit – so all the ducks are lined up for a most favourable outcome.

  2. Holly grassia says:

    Good luck Mary. I wish you a smooth procedure and recovery. You are much loved.

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