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Feeling Good, if Lazy

on January 22, 2017

I’ve treated myself to an easy, lazy, Sunday. It’s not that I’m sacked out on the couch doing nothing, but I didn’t pack a 100 things into the day either. I slept until 8 a.m. and then spent a leisurely morning with breakfast, the newspaper, and some morning news shows. I’ve been fascinated about coverage of the various Women’s Marches across the country and around the world.

I helped my elderly neighbor with a problem on her cell phone and then invested time in taking care of myself and my recovery. This means that I really thought about the week ahead and my food needs so that I could think about meals and make that important shopping list. These steps are critical to me maintaining a successful effort and sustaining abstinence from compulsive eating and counter-productive food choices.  I also realize that following this process alleviates stress. When I make the plans ahead of time, I then don’t spend a lot of additional time thinking about food, wondering what to eat and when and fussing about the choices. I definitely notice a difference in my attitude and emotions. I’m much more relaxed.

I got everything I needed from the supermarket. With that chore out the way, I did some Tai Chi, and am now sort of chilling before doing another chore or two. I’m soon going to start a bathroom remodeling project, so it would be good to start storing some extra towels and things to clear out the room that’s going to be torn apart. Eventually I’ll also do laundry.

There’s a lot of benefit to a day that isn’t overscheduled. There’s time to get things done and time to relax too. We all need that some days. I hope you’re having one too.


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