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The Beef about Bread

on March 16, 2016

Has everyone seen that commercial ad with Oprah as she waxes dramatic about being able to eat bread on the Weight Watchers plan?

Disclaimer: Overall, I’m annoyed at every ad that Oprah does for Weight Watchers and her great belief in the plan and program.  She owns 10% of the stock in the company and has another 3.5 million share stock option.  OF COURSE she’s going to pitch the program.  The more people who sign up, the better for the company’s profits, the better for her. That bread ad alone earned her $19.2 million on the day that it aired and she tweeted about it because her endorsement boosted the stock price by a few bucks a share.

Okay, that’s not my beef.  Oprah is a brilliant business woman and I admire her for her empire building skills.  I just wish her ads included a line sort of like, “I love this plan because I can eat bread and still lose weight, and because it’s a profitable part of my stock portfolio.”

My beef with bread is that it is addictive.  It comes in many different varieties, some of which are absolutely delicious.  Some of which are even more delicious when dipped in olive oil and herbs while others have enormous yum factor slathered with creamy butter.  Crusty outside, pillowy soft inside.  Whether enjoyed solely for its own taste merits or even more appreciated as a delivery vehicle for rich sauces and gravies, bread is the bomb.

Well, except for the fact that it has no nutritional value that I can figure.  Apparently, most of the bread that I love is a motherlode of useless carbohydrate, a harbinger of doom when it comes to glycemic index and, basically, a total waste for my waist.

I’ve now gone breadless for two and a half weeks.  I walk past dinner rolls at a buffet.  We ordered in lunch from a local restaurant and I didn’t choose my favorite sandwich, but opted for a wedge salad.  The only toast in my life is when I raise a metaphorical glass of cheer in my mind to honor my successful effort.

All in all, I really shouldn’t gripe.  Honestly, the motivational switch is solidly “on” right now and I’m following this plan with little to no struggle.  (Please God, don’t let me have just jinxed myself.)  It’s just that right now, in this moment, I so that Oprah bread ad and it made me yearn for one delicious, golden, warm piece of bread.

I’ll get over the craving and will do so without a crazy action like leaving the house to track down a yeast roll.  Instead, I will finish up with a check in the success column for the day.  Happy thought right now.   I haven’t had dessert after dinner tonight and there is a lovely piece of dark chocolate (perfectly on the plan!) waiting for me.

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