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Hack, Hack, Sniffle, Sneeze, Cough

on October 28, 2015

Sorry that I’ve been MIA but I’ve been sick, out of town for a couple of days, and then sicker.  I swear that even though I now eat far healthier, and am overall in better condition, than I ever did or was at my top weight, I’ve gotten sick more often in the last almost-four years than I ever did before I lost the pounds.

It’s like I used to have an incredible immune system.  Other people at work could cave en masse to germs that passed around the place and I would trundle on unaffected.  If I got a single cold a year, it was remarkable.  I’ve had one lousy stomach virus in the last 15 years.  Since weight loss surgery I have still avoided stomach viruses, but I’ve sure been more susceptible to colds.  (Excuse me for a moment while I now knock wood, toss salt, and employ various other methods to stave off jinxing myself on that stomach virus comment.)

Okay, I’m back.  Anyway, last week I started feeling a scratchiness in my throat for a couple of days with a light, dry cough.  Symptoms did not progress like a regular cold, which was puzzling.  By Thursday, I decided that I was suffering the mutha of all allergy attacks.  The wind had been blowing like crazy for several days and we’d had dry weather, so I was sure that my discomfort was the result of excessive coral dust.  I soldiered through, which is my m.o., even continuing to do my rowing classes.  They weren’t easy, let me tell you.  Difficulty breathing and intense cardio work do not mix well.

I drove up to Miami Friday night for a weekend “off the rock”.  A friend was getting married Saturday afternoon and, in a happy time of coincidence, the Tai Chi Society to which I belong scheduled a half day intensive that morning about five minutes from where I was staying.  Sometime over night my coughs started to get a little deeper and more “productive” and random bouts of sneezing began to creep in.  Since I still didn’t actually feel all that bad, I was still positive these were all due to allergies.

Saturday was a fun, great day.  Sunday, I slept in at my hotel and then did a little shopping before spending some time with friends I haven’t seen in several months.  As the day progressed, so did my sneezing and coughing.

****Gross alert****  When one’s sneezing becomes to strong that it stimulates projectile phlegm from one’s lungs, one must finally concede that one is ill.

I got home around 7 ish and spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching the football game with a box of tissues and lemon-echinacea cough drops as my companions.  The game ended around 11 at which point I popped some Nyquil and rolled into bed.

Thoroughly, or some might say crazily, optimistic, I’d set my alarm for 6:05 so I could get up for rowing class.  The alarm went off, I sat up, coughed up half a lung, said, “No freaking way” and reached for my phone to cancel my appearance in rowing class.  (There’s an app for that!)

Two hours later, I woke up again to text my boss and my assistant that I was taking a sick day.  I managed to go out long enough to pick Natty up from boarding.  I then went back to bed and slept for several hours.  Sleep was pretty much the most productive thing I did all day.  I’d manage an hour or two of consciousness and then curl up back in bed again for more zzzzs.

Clearly my body knew what I needed.  When Tuesday morning rolled around, I felt much better than I had 24 hours previously, so I went into work for a few hours.  However, I decided from the outset that I wasn’t pushing matters.  I just wanted to get a few important tasks done.  Once I did, I left and returned to my comfy bed for some more rest.

Last night, although I knew I had improved a good amount, I had a long conversation with myself about the wisdom of not pushing myself more than I should.  I then cancelled my appointment for this morning’s rowing class and, instead, scheduled myself for one on Saturday.   I already had one class set for Friday and I am confident that by then I will be up to the exertion.  So, at least I will get in two classes this week!

Anyway, this is the long-winded explanation for why I haven’t written any posts in more than a week.  I never even turned on the home computer until tonight.  While I would normally push myself, I knew that I needed to pay attention to my body and take care of myself instead.  So I did, and it helped.  I managed a full, busy day, at work and still had enough energy for Tai Chi class.  An acupuncture session this morning certainly boosted my energy supply, which was very helpful.  Now I’m going to keep listening to what I need and go to bed early.


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