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Care Team

on September 15, 2015

A quick post tonight because I’m exhausted.  The last two days have had ups and downs but we’re doing okay.

I’m still on track with my program as far as my food.  Even though I wanted to weigh myself last night and also this morning, I’ve honored my commitment and won’t weigh until tomorrow morning.  I rowed yesterday and am scheduled for class tomorrow.

Pyxi has also had her ups and downs.  The vets (Yes, now seen by another excellent vet) have both said that there is still hope and a possibility that we can turn this around.  While her kidneys won’t repair, dogs can sustain with good quality of life on kidneys that don’t work 100%.  We need to get her nausea and stomach acid under control so that she can hold down nutrition  and be interested in drinking.  If we can do that and do other things to support her kidneys, she could rally.

So…. we are throwing everything we have at this condition.  She’s getting Sub-Q fluids when she needs them.  Today she got an injection of medication to fight the nausea.  We had a consultation with one of the other terrific vets in town who does acupuncture.  Pyxi was terrific on the table and hopefully the treatment will assist the various organs and other parts of her body to function more efficiently.

She isn’t in pain. While the tummy troubles aren’t pleasant, they aren’t creating constant discomfort.  We just need to get her retaining the nutrients to fuel her body.  We’ll continue monitoring, do another session of acupuncture next week and we’re also looking into Chinese herbs.

As we were driving home from the second appointment, I thought about how many people are on Pyxi’s care team.  Team Pyxi has two great vets and their techs, me, my friends, family and co-workers.  Everybody is supporting her in some way and everything helps.

They’re supporting me too in a myriad of ways.  They understand that I’m stressed and get upset sometimes.  They take time to listen, to offer help.  The vets are using their knowledge, experience, and willingness to consult with each other.

My post tonight acknowledges the need I have for a care team.  As much as I love to think of myself as self-reliant and able to take care of myself, which are not bad qualities, I don’t have to go through life all alone without assistance and support.  All of us need support, even if the ways in which we need may be different.

I have a great care team.  Friends, family, co-workers offer support, help and understanding.  Some who might not understand my issues are still willing to listen if I need to share and they can be sounding boards without judging me or trying to “fix” me.   The women I go to for acupuncture, massage, esthetician/nail service, even hair are part of the care team because the help me feel good.  I’m going to count the trainers at rowing, too.

You’re part of my care team too.  You are part of  this place that I come to  where I can share, vent, process what’s going on, etc.  Your support is felt and it matters.

Thank you, Everyone.

One response to “Care Team

  1. Holly says:

    Hi Mary. I love this post. You are handling this tough situation with everything and everyone you know. Admirable! Keep going. I know this will turn out well for you and Ms. Pyxi.
    A Proud Member of Team Mary

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