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Achieving Re-Entry

on January 30, 2015

Whenever I leave the Keys for vacation and then return, I feel like I’m splashing back into my regular life from another planet.  No matter where I go or what I’m doing, trips away take me out of the customary routine.  The amount of time required to readjust is determined by how long I was away, where I went, and what I was doing.

It’s been particularly challenging for me this week, no doubt in part because I was so far away and on a cruise ship and then, when I returned, I brought home a cold.  So, I’ve been sick and more tired than usual.  I started doing the liquid detox and then realized that I had to go back off of the rock out of town all day on Wednesday to a regional forum.  That was a long day.  A good one, but it also threw me out of my routine.

One other strong reminder for me is that it’s easier to stay on the wagon than to climb back on it when you’ve fallen off.  So, I’m a little out of sorts this week and am relying on not letting the little I can do keep me from doing the little I can do.  I’m definitely eating better than I did while away, which is good.  I’m not perfect, but I’m better, and that’s an improvement.  I’ve been busy as all get out with work which impacts my available time.  While the dogs and I haven’t gotten out for long treks, we are at least getting in daily shorter walks.  Again — the little I can do is getting done.

I’m giving myself this week to get my act together.  The cold is waning.   I have a few things planned for this weekend but nothing stressful that will wear me out.   I’m getting used to my own routine again and that just feels better all around.

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