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Holiday Cheer

on December 24, 2014




No matter what holiday you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate any of them, I wish you happiness, serenity, and the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

May you love and be loved, receive and offer kindness, and celebrate not only the wonderfulness of others but the wonderfulness of you.

Thanks for visiting this blog.  Whether you comment or not, you bring your energy here to share and I appreciate you.



4 responses to “Holiday Cheer

  1. Susanne says:

    Best wishes for 2015, Mary. I always appreciate your thoughtful postings.

  2. Lynn Viehl says:

    I like your friends. 🙂 Merry Christmas, lady.

  3. Cathy M says:

    Wishing joy and peace to everyone.

  4. christineabush says:

    Merry Christmas, Mary!

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