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Feeling My Age

on September 17, 2014

I am close to being asleep on my feet, except that I’m not standing, so that would be asleep on my ass.    Yes, I’m that tired.   I think I’ve shared that I work for a marine mammal facility.  In addition to the animals that live in our family, we also volunteer for the state/federal agencies that are responsible for manatees.  For the last several days, our manatee rescue team has been out desperately searching for an orphaned baby.  I am not being overly, or unnecessarily dramatic when I say that the situation is critical.  If we do not find this baby, it will most likely die.

A lot of the time when we go on rescue missions, my role is pretty non-physical.  It’s been a lot different this last week.

I got back from vacation late on Friday and went out with the team all day on Saturday.  It might sound silly, but spending all day on a small boat can still be tiring – particularly coming off as active a week as my friend and I enjoyed at Universal Studios.  So, by Saturday night I was very sleepy.  Okay.  Long day.  I can deal.

I didn’t go with the team on Sunday or Monday.  Yesterday, we needed as many people spread out over the area as possible, so instead of being on the boat, I kayaked.  For at least five hours.  On the 21 Day Fix routine, yesterday would have been devoted to upper body.  Trust me.  after the kayaking, I didn’t need to run the exercise DVD.  I think my upper body got worked more than enough, thanks.  When I finally got home, all I wanted was a hot shower and an o-t-c pain reliever.  I was in bed by 10 p.m.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find the baby yesterday so we went back out today.  More kayaking for me.  I really got into the whole rhythm of the movement.  Then it got a little broken up when I jumped off of the kayak to help haul a very heavy net through the water.  Piece of cake.  Not completely unlike trying to drag a stubborn team of mules but without the mules’ ability to actually move forward on their own.

It was another long, hot, tiring, frustrating, discouraging day.  I came home, showered again and went to Tai Chi class.

Not to be all whiny and stuff, but my muscles ache, I have a headache, and, for the first time in a long time, I actually “feel my age”.  During Tai Chi class, I was so tired, I couldn’t maintain my focus on the moves.  It was awful.

To be honest, I don’t actually know what my age (56) should feel like.  I realize that it’s only an expression, but I get it tonight.  I’m sore.  I’ll be lucky if I stay awake 10 minutes after I hit Publish on this blog post.  My energy decided to take a hike.  My booyah attitude is currently M.I.A.

Sometimes I really need to force myself to remember that I’m not a kid anymore.  I’m not ready for a rocking chair and retirement, but even with my increased fitness, it’s okay for me to feel like I overexerted when that’s exactly what I did.   Maybe I’m feeling the effects of having kayaked for several hours, but I won’t lose sight of the fact that, hot damn, I kayaked for several hours!

At least these days when I feel my age, I’m age-appropriate.  There was a time when I felt far older than my years and knew, just knew, that I was getting old before my time.  This is better.  Much better.

Now it’s time for a little self-care in the form of another dose of  pain relief, followed by going to bed.  I need my rest.

The Foam Glow 5K is this Saturday.  I have to be ready!

One response to “Feeling My Age

  1. hoperoth says:

    Several hours of kayaking would wipe *me* out!

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