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Too Fat to Fail – A Man’s Effort to Fund Weight Loss Surgery

on August 24, 2014

This morning’s Miami Herald has an article about a Key West man named Chad Newman who has launched a fundraising effort to help him afford bariatric surgery and save his life. He weighs 420 pounds. Unfortunately, like I learned a few years ago, not all health insurance plans cover weight loss surgery. Mine didn’t, but I was fortunate in that I had other means to cover the costs. Click here to read the Herald article.

I’ve never met Chad in person, but we’ve worked together via email on some video projects when the Keys News Bureau pushed out stories from where I work at Dolphin Research Center. I read this morning’s article and was inspired and touched. It sounds trite, but as you all know from reading this blog, I can really relate to a number of his experiences, issues and struggles with food and weight loss. I sent him an email and wanted to share his story here as a way of support.

Yes, I also donated. Here’s my momentary soapbox moment. I know it’s personal but I believe that weight loss surgery should be covered by all insurance plans. Even if it’s only covered in part, there should be some coverage. In the long run, this surgery saves lives AND saves money. I think it’s discriminatory that insurance companies don’t include it in their plans. Period. End of rant.

I’m going to follow Chad’s journey at his website and blog: Too Fat to Fail. I want to see him raise the money, have the surgery, and succeed. I know he can do it and will be cheering him on as he progresses on his journey.

Keep some good thoughts for him, please. Positive energy can only help! Thanks.

One response to “Too Fat to Fail – A Man’s Effort to Fund Weight Loss Surgery

  1. hoperoth says:

    I would think it would be in the insurance companies’ best interests to fund weight-loss surgery!

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