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Looking for my Happy

on May 3, 2014

I’ve been down for a couple of days and don’t know why. I do know the effects, however. I’m thinking non-supportive thoughts about myself. I’m unsettled. I want to eat lots of things that aren’t good for me. That’s a crap triumvirate that further drags down my energy and emotional balance. Which leads to me wanting to eat more inappropriate foods. Then I really get to say rotten things to myself like, “You’re f*&king up your food plan. You’re going to gain weight and undo all of the good. You didn’t exercise this morning before Tai Chi class. I knew there’s no way you’d keep working out.”

Do you see how easily I can turn this into a suckfest? The saving grace is that I have enough awareness to see the pattern, recognize the pitfalls, and gear up to stop this before it goes too long.

I don’t have to be up every moment of my existence. Mary Sunshine is entitled to have a gray day now and again. However, I don’t need to tumble into disease every time. Instead, I need to look for something to balance me out. I’m going to decide on a couple of things that I can do today — look for some happy — and then do them. I don’t need to wallow in the downness and compound the problems.

The weather’s sort of iffy so I’m reluctant to take out the boat. I can go into the pool later, however. Doing some water dancing with the music turned up should create some good endorphins.

I don’t feel particularly social, so I’m not into calling up friends to go do something. This is also okay. I prefer to spend some time alone with the dogs but I can spend that time in enjoyment. I like to cook. Instead of making a calorie-laden, binge-inducing, sugar-coma-causing dessert, I believe I will take on this awesome brussel sprouts recipe that I’ve been wanting to try and roast a chicken. Roast chicken doesn’t sound all that exciting, however, it not only tastes good, but it also reminds me of cooking happy meals with my Mom. Bonus — I can use the carcass to make homemade chicken stock later on. Roast chicken and brussel sprouts — tasty, healthy, and a happy-making activity.

There’s a baseball game on tonight. I have some sequinning to do. A night at home with the dogs, maybe followed by a nice warm bath. Sounds calming, relaxing.

Pool. Cooking. Relaxing. Nothing that’s going to set the world on fire, but they’re positive actions to pull me up out of the glum pit. This is how I’m going to look for some happy. How about you?

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