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Feeling the Gratitude

on April 23, 2014

On Easter, I had dinner with friends. On the way up to their house, another friend and I stopped at the store and ran into one of our senior managers and his eldest daughter. I haven’t seen the daughter in about a year. We all chatted for awhile and then went our separate ways. Monday morning when I got to work there was a message from the daughter on my voice mail. She literally hadn’t recognized me when we were talking! She said a lot of really lovely things to me in her message.

Easter was a great day of exploring a state park island, hanging with friends and sharing a meal. I don’t see the husband of one friend very often. Monday when my friend and I were back at work she said that later in the evening, her husband told her that he hadn’t wanted to embarrass me but he thought I looked great. Then she said that when we were all together, she really noticed how my bad knee didn’t stop me at all. I jumped on and off the boat, into and out of the golf cart, and did all of the activity without it hampering me. She and I have worked together for more than 10 years, so she’s seen me at my heaviest and all of the times that my knee presented challenges.

Of course I felt good in the moment of hearing these things from her, but even nicer, the good feeling has stayed with me. This morning I was riding my bike back from the beach and thinking about these two things. Then I started thinking about all of the friends and family members who are so happy for me and, also, proud of me for doing the hard work of regaining my health and fitness. As I thought of this, I was swamped with gratitude.

I have so many people in my life who have loved me unconditionally and supported me through good times and bad for many, many years. Some of them are family by blood or marriage; others are my family of friends or my work family. Whoever they are, they are always in my corner. They’ve loved me through pain and loss and sometimes even more than I loved myself.

I’m blessed and grateful for each and every one of them.

Some of these people come here and read this blog. Some don’t. To those who are here, please know that your choice to be part of my life means the world to me. Thank you for your love and support and know that I appreciate you deep, deep in my heart. Even though I may thank you in person, I don’t know if the words truly convey how I feel. I hope you and every person who isn’t here knows this.

One response to “Feeling the Gratitude

  1. Skye says:

    It’s terrific that you have such a large and wonderful support group. I think that makes such a huge difference in one’s progress. And gratitude is helpful too. Not only is it an awareness of the good in life, I think it’s one of those feelings that change chemicals in your brain, which can then continue to help you along your way.

    Keep up the good work! You inspire me.

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