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Things I Love Right Now

on March 6, 2014

I have a guilty pleasure. I like to occasionally buy a little soap opera magazine. The only soap I watch is General Hospital and I’ve done so for decades. The DVR records it daily and I watch when I get home at night. I like reading about the show, the actors, the storylines, what’s coming up, etc. One of these magazines has a feature where the editors/writers name the Five Things They’re Loving Right Now about a certain show. They also name the one thing they could do without.

In the spirit of this feature, I started pondering about five things I love right now about my journey, my progress, myself. Yes, I’ll also pick the thing I could do without. Here we go, in no particular order:

Whenever I’m going on a trip, whether for a weekend or longer period, I love that I automatically pack exercise clothes, walking sneaks, and my iPod. These items are now as necessary as any other wardrobe item or my cosmetics and toiletries.

I love the I’m increasingly more open and willing to choose healthier alternatives in my food. No more turning up my nose at natural, organic peanut butter (I purposely buy without added sugar.) or fat free plain Greek yogurt. Sure, let me use spaghetti squash instead of pasta under my red sauce for an Italian food fix. I’m sampling a greater variety of less processed foods, too. A friend shared something she heard from a television or celebrity doctor — she can’t remember which one. He recommended that one strong step to eating healthier is to avoid food items that are advertised on television. Sure, as with anything there are some exceptions – like quality Greek yogurt — but think about what products you see most often in commercials.

I love that I no longer take over-the-counter pain relievers every day any more. My left knee will never be 100% but it doesn’t throb or ache at the end of every day. My whole body doesn’t hurt after a full day at work. At my heaviest, I took the equivalent of prescription-strength non-aspirin pain relievers every day, sometimes a few times a day. Now I don’t even think I take them once a month.

This one might be a little shallow, but forgive me, okay? I love that I’m no longer the heaviest person I know, the heaviest person at work, the heaviest person I see most days. When you’ve lived most of your life as the most overweight person present in any situation, it wears on the self-esteem. Having that weight off of me, literally and figuratively, lightens my spirit.

I absolutely love that I can both see and feel definition in my muscles. Sometimes I have to move around a bit for the definition to be obvious because of some remaining flab or saggy skin, but my muscles are toned! I not only feel stronger, I feel powerful. Booyah!

There are more things, of course, but these are the ones that most strike me today. Now for the thing I could do without. That would be how reactive my body is to carbs. We started this week with me annoyed because I ate a few carbs and my body decided to hold onto four faux pounds of water weight. I stayed with my plan and flushed them away, then lost an additional half pound so far. This makes me happy, but the fact that it was necessary still ticks me off.

So, my friends, what are five things about yourselves or your lives that you love? It’s okay to share the thing you could do without, too.

4 responses to “Things I Love Right Now

  1. Hope says:

    1. It was light out when I left the office today. It was still light out when I got to my Mom’s house to pick up LJ!
    2. My husband let me sleep in both days this weekend. The sleep was nice. Even better was knowing what a selfless husband I have.
    3. I’m starting to feel better, which means that I can probably start running again this week.
    4. I’ve finally built up a post maternity wardrobe with enough cute items in it that I can dress myself and feel stylish.
    5. LJ is at a great age where she’s super adorable, but also super fun to play with. I love watching her learn words and figure out new skills.

  2. I’m still wondering if some of that hold-on weight was due to your being pretty active all day outside in the sun.

    • Mary Stella says:

      I think it could have partly been that although I thought I’d hydrated enough. Most likely it was a combination of things. I’m just glad it’s gone!

  3. Skye says:

    This is going to be a trick, given my current circumstances.

    Things I love about my life right now
    1. I’m near my oldest friends.
    2. There’s a gorgeous view that includes Lake Washington from the house where I’m living.
    3. I live with two people who care about me.
    4. I live in a beautiful place.
    5. I live with a very affectionate cat.

    What I could do without.

    Okay, that wasn’t as hard as I expected!

    Your list is wonderful. Good for you!!!!

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