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Being Here Now

on February 26, 2014

I’m thinking a lot about the importance of being present in each moment. This is often quite difficult to remember, or easy to remember but difficult to practice. It’s even harder to be present in the moment and only experience that moment for what it is. Cause whatever the moment is, that’s what it is — and it ain’t what it ain’t.

Deep, huh?

We tend to bring a lot of stuff with us into every situation, interaction, conversation and experience. Sometimes we are the sum total of everything that’s gone on before so we don’t look at present moments with a clear, unaffected view. Instead, we filter them through all the other stuff.

While I think that it’s good to build on good foundations, we need to discern when we’re standing on solid ground and when we’re letting poor past experiences or apprehension about the future “what could happen” adulterate the moment.

So how does all this “be here, be present” musing connect to my eating disorder or my recovery? I’m trying to be mindful of my triggers and my habits. Just because I might have eaten inappropriately as a result of a situation before doesn’t mean that I have to repeat the behavior when I run into that situation again. I need to stay in the moment and deal from the strength of the recovery that I’ve built to date. When I’m anticipating a situation or a circumstance, I don’t need to react in old patterns of behavior if those patterns don’t serve a positive purpose.

Just because I’ve eaten compulsively, or overeaten before, for whatever reason, doesn’t mean I’m a slave to continuing in disease. I have new, healthier methods of dealing with whatever issue occurs.

Right now, this moment, is not what happened yesterday or last week, or when I was a kid. A bad experience in the past does not mean that the same will happen for sure in the future so I don’t need to fear that it will. I only need to take care of whatever is going on right now. It deserves the best of my attention with an open mind and open heart. Staying present means that the situation or person gets quality interaction from me, which is what they deserve. It’s what I deserve, too.

I have a favorite William Blake poem that intertwines with tonight’s musings. I love it so much that I did a counted cross stitch representation of it many years ago and it still hangs on one of my walls. It reminds me that everything comes down to the simple, the present moment, the being here now.


This helps me to remember that no matter how enormous, intimidating, or overwhelming something might be, it really is no more than that grain of sand, the single wildflower, the palm of my hand, or a single hour.

It certainly doesn’t have to warrant diseased eating. That’s for sure.

4 responses to “Being Here Now

  1. kw says:

    hi beautiful piece or crosd stitch.wonder where to get the kit or pattern. thanks!

  2. Hey, one beautiful piece of stitchery!

  3. Skye says:

    Good post. It’s great seeing how your thinking and behaviors keep reinforcing each other in a positive direction. It’s great seeing you doing so well!

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