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Cruise Days Six and Seven – At Sea

on February 3, 2014

On the Friday and Saturday of the cruise, we were at sea making our way from St. Maarten back to Fort Lauderdale. I was never bored! The entertainment company that put together this cruise loaded it with activities. I walked and exercised every morning, ate mindful breakfasts, and then after showering and dressing went non-stop through the day. Game shows to watch, more interviews and panels with performers, line dancing classes . . . you name it. If it was available to attend and enjoy, I did it. The few times when there were gaps, I usually ran into someone I’d previously met or done an excursion with and could sit down and chat for awhile.

Friday I went to a songwriters’ panel featuring The Warren Brothers. Even if you don’t know any other of the vast number of hit songs they’ve written or co-written, you might be familiar with Red Solo Cup. According to them, it’s the dumbest song they’ve ever created. Maybe so, but it was a big hit for Toby Keith and they’ve made great money on their royalties. As a writer, I loved hearing them talk about their process. It’s fascinating. It was also quite amazing to find out just how many wonderful songs that I love came from these brothers. Mega-talent in the two of them, that’s for sure. I also enjoyed hearing them perform their own music. They played another show late on Saturday, too. That included a big sing along with all of us in the audience on Red Solo Cup. Lots of fun.

Friday night was the Gatlin Brothers time to shine on the main stage. Unfortunately, Larry had come down with a cold and wasn’t able to sing at his peak level. He has a wonderful tenor voice and the three brothers sing in beautiful harmony with each other. I sure hope it isn’t 15 years before I hear them sing again. Speaking of colds, I could feel myself coming down with one too. Larry had joked about getting his cold from Vince Gill. He apologized to anyone he might have hugged and passed on the cold too. I was one of the people he hugged, so I’m claiming that at least my germs are star quality.

After the Gatlin Brothers, I went to the late show by Anita Cochran. She is truly outstanding. I gave my contact info to her friends in case they get down to Key West. Performers Ty Herndon, Andy Griggs and Jamie O’Neal were also at her show, supporting their friend. That’s very cool! After her performance was over, they all ran up to the Lido Deck for the All Star outdoor jam session. I’m sure it did me no good health-wise to sit outside in damp air (sporadic rain drizzle), but the show was awesome! Different musicians flowed on and off stage, joining together to perform classic rock and country. Warren Brothers, Wade Hayes, Bryan White, Ty Herndon, Andy Griggs, Jamie O’Neal, Anita Cochran, guys from Restless Heart – all jamming on songs by the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Journey, Loretta Lynn and others. It was an amazing experience!

I’ve sort of jumbled the days together in this post. Sorry for that, but I was so involved in all that the cruise offered that I ran the recollections together in my journal too! One thing that I did keep thinking during the whirlwind two days is that I can remember vacations in the past when I’d get busy and involved and sort of blow off whatever food plan or diet I was trying to follow. It’s like I gave myself permission to go crazy. This time around, I was really pleased that I didn’t go “hog wild”.

I continued to practice mindful eating, even cutting portions in half and pushing the half that would be too much away to the edge of my plate. I noticed that I am still always tempted by bread and rolls. These honestly are useless carbs. They fill my stomach without providing a bit of nutritional benefit. Honestly, if I’m going to eat something that doesn’t rack up great nutritional benefit, I’d rather pick something better tasting and more satisfying like really good chocolate. By the way, every night at dinner, I ordered dessert. (They don’t come in large portions on ships.) Even then I didn’t finish the entire thing, but had enough bites to make me happy.

This must be how “normal” people eat, I say with a joking smile on my face. I don’t mean to make myself sound abnormal. Perhaps I should say that it’s how people who don’t have eating disorders and food issues usually eat. It appears to be a learnable skill, even after decades of compulsive overeating. That, my friends, is even more reason to celebrate.

2 responses to “Cruise Days Six and Seven – At Sea

  1. Hope says:

    What an amazing experience you had! I am super jealous!

  2. Skye says:

    Sorry you caught a cold, but what a fantastic time! You made real connections with people. You ate well and exercised. You had fun. Sounds truly wonderful, and I’m someone who would rather get a root canal than be stuck on the ocean with a bunch of strangers. šŸ™‚ Yay for you!!!!

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