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The Ability to Change

on January 11, 2014

Sorry to have been absent for a few days. I’ve been super busy at work and after. It’s all good, just busy. How are you?

Yesterday, we welcomed the Wounded Warrior Project where more than 50 soldiers who are recovering and/or coping with often life-altering injuries enjoyed a complimentary dolphin swim. My heart is full of joy and awe after seeing these men and women leave their “mind chatter” on land and enter the moment of fun and laughter in the water with the amazing dolphins.

It really makes me think. Sure, I have an eating disorder. I struggle with food issues and weight loss. These are a big deal — to me. I’m not belittling myself or comparing myself and coming up short. I’m just thinking about the impact that I’ve let these things have on my life when they were always within my ability to change.

I think back to the Serenity Prayer. God, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Those soldiers who have been injured during their military service can’t change that they’ve lost limbs, or are paralyzed. They can’t ignore their traumatic brain injuries or other impacts of battle and injury. However, having suffered these injuries and conditions, they can choose to move forward, make the adjustments, learn how to live their best quality lives in spite of the challenges.

Learning to walk on prosthetics must be physically daunting. I can’t even begin to imagine. I do know, in my heart, that it has to be a whole lot easier for me to not pick up that food item that isn’t on my plan or to get up and exercise even when I don’t feel like it.

On any given day at any given moment, I have the ability to change. Today I choose to focus on the inspiration I received from the WWP Soldier Ride participants and make the choice to change whenever the choice is present.

One response to “The Ability to Change

  1. deborahblake1 says:

    This was great, Mary Stella. I’m glad the Wounded Warriors got to do something so healing.

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