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Losing My Doctor

on December 18, 2013

No, I’m not firing the bariatric surgeon who suggested I cut my calories back by 25% to get me through this weight loss plateau. I’m talking about my primary care physician. She’s leaving the area so today was my last appointment with her.

I’m so bummed. I’ve loved her being my doctor and adore her as a person. She’s the first primary care doctor with whom I’ve ever felt truly comfortable, no matter where I was with my weight. Dr. S. always has a caring, compassionate, willing to listen and spend time attitude. She could be up front with me about my super obesity without being judgmental and harsh. Never once did she make me feel like a useless idiot for not losing weight. She also was never one to jump to medications without discussing other treatment possibilities. I hate just throwing drugs at a problem. Bonus about Dr. S. is that she’d do my pap tests which meant I didn’t have to consult a separate gynecologist. This was a big convenience here in the Florida Keys. The closest gynecologists are an hour away from where I live.

Two plus years ago, when I came to her and asked her to help me with my plan to have bariatric surgery, she recommended the surgeon that I eventually chose. She’d worked with him previously with some of her other patients. (I might be disagreeing with him now but he really was a great surgeon for me.) We talked over so many things after my first consult with him. She helped me get set up with all of the evaluations that I needed. She offered me caring and support the whole way. Every time I’ve seen her since, she’s continued to be loving, compassionate and supportive. I was blessed to have her in my corner as my primary care doctor through the weight loss surgery journey.

I care about Dr. S. as a person. I’m really happy for her that she’s making this move and will live close to her daughter, granddaughters, and other family members. I’m just sad for me because I’ll have to find another primary care physician. For right now, I’m transferring my records and care over to the doctor with whom she shares an office. I saw him twice a couple of years ago. He’s primarily a cardiologist, so I went to him when I needed the cardiac evaluation prior to my weight loss surgery.

Down here specialists also frequently do primary care. It’s not like we’re a hugely populated metropolis with plenty of patients around for specialists. Since I had my annual physical today, I don’t actually need to see the new doctor until a year from now, unless I get sick and need something more current. I’m also not up for any major diagnostic tests. So all should be good. I’m sure that the new doctor and I will do fine together, particularly if I only need to see him once a year.

Other than the sadness over Dr. S. leaving, my appointment and physical went well. My blood labs are terrific! I have been off my blood sugar and high cholesterol medications since my weight loss surgery. I’ve now also been off the two meds I took for my high blood pressure for a year. My blood pressure was actually a little on the low side this morning. My fasting glucose was 80 and hemoglobin A1C level was also in the normal range so I no longer show any indication of Type 2 diabetes. The different cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are in the desirable ranges too. Yes, the co-morbidities continue to be resolved thanks to the weight loss and improved fitness. Booyah to the nth degree!

Dr. S. and I discussed the surgeon’s calorie-cutting suggestion. I received the last bit of agreement that I needed. The surgeon is officially overruled. I will keep on doing what I’m doing and have faith that I will eventually bust through the plateau. I might get frustrated some times, but I just need to keep going and believe that the weight will come off. After the holidays, I might start off the new year with another detox, but I actually enjoy living on smoothies for a few days. It isn’t a big deal.

Being healthy. Making good choices. Pursuing my plans. These things add up to the true big deal. Maybe the next time I see Dr. S, and I hope that I do when she visits here sometime in the future, I’ll be at my goal weight! In the meantime, I pray that the move is all that she wants it to be and I wish her nothing but the absolute best on this next phase of her life’s journey. Her new patients in her new town will be so lucky!

5 responses to “Losing My Doctor

  1. Hope says:

    I lost my doctor this year too. šŸ˜¦ The practice that we go to uses residents, so I guess I need to get used to losing doctors every few years. It was extra sad, too, because I called to make an appointment and they said we have a new doctor now. I didn’t even get to say goodbye!

  2. I hope Dr. S is able to read your touching tribute. What better can be said about a doctor? She’s the one we all wish we had.

  3. Nan says:

    Hey Mary, so sorry you’re losing your good doc, but hopefully, she can recommend a new one for you. I love my primary care physician, she’s a lot like yours–kind, gracious, and very understanding. Could you send me some info about your detox smoothies? I think when the new year starts, I’d like to give it a try. I think you can just use the email in my login info right? Or you could post it here or direct me to an earlier post? Thanks!!

    • Mary Stella says:

      Nan, I use a three day detox that I heard about on the Dr Oz show. If you go to his website, look for 3 Day Detox Cleanse. You can print out a sheet that includes a shopping list.

  4. Skye says:

    It’s hard to lose a doctor you like and respect. I’ve been lucky to have a series of good primary care physicians (and some bad ones), and very lucky in my therapists and psychiatrists (especially when I can get both in one person). Even when I’ve been the one to move on, I’ve hated letting go of my doctors. It’s great that you can wish her well, rather than clinging to her leg screaming “Don’t leave me!” šŸ™‚ I hope you have a good doctor as your next doctor, one you enjoy and respect as much as you do Dr. S.

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