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The Perils of Getting Too Tired

on December 6, 2013

In her comment on yesterday’s post, Skye cautioned me that getting too tired can lead to eating more food because we think we need more energy.

Tru dat.

I did not adhere to my food plan today and ate too many carbs. I’m going to point my attention, if not point the finger of blame, at being physically and mentally tired. It is more difficult for me to stay mentally strong and vigilant on my food plan when I’m stressed and exhausted, and far easier to give into the impulse of grabbing the food that’s readily available, as it was today.

Gotta say, I’m kind of annoyed with myself for falling into the old pattern. It’s not like there wasn’t fruit and low fat yogurt right there on the same table with the scones and bagels. I could have made a better, healthier, on-my-food-plan choice.

So, I’m kind of annoyed but have decided not to beat up on myself about it. I’m human. It was one day. I get another chance to choose recovery and stay in a good place with food tomorrow. I was on the road today by 6:15 a.m. When I got home at 5:30 tonight, the first thing that I did was take the dogs for a walk. Then I ate yogurt for dinner. After cuddling with the pups for a little bit, I hit play on the workout DVD and did the 30 minute cardio routine. Then I relaxed some more.

It’s important on all days to set myself up for success. Maybe it’s even more important to do so after I’ve had a not great day. I want to be more rested tomorrow so I’m about to relax in a hot tub and then go to bed. Tomorrow is Saturday which means that I do not have to set my alarm to wake up early enough to do the 30 minute weight training routine before I go to Tai Chi class. I can do it later in the day.

Tomorrow I wake up and choose recovery. Tomorrow I stick to the food plan again.

2 responses to “The Perils of Getting Too Tired

  1. Sweetie, sleep! Hot tub and sleep. You do need consistent exercise, but if you’ve gone off The Plan, it’s sleep that matters.

  2. Skye says:

    Thanks for the call-out!

    Definitely don’t beat yourself or blame yourself. The need and the behavior rest in our evolutionary make-up: when we are tired, we crave quick energy, thus carbs. So all you did was give into a completely natural compulsion. When we are tired, it’s so very difficult to resist this compulsion, so I’m very impressed that you didn’t give in a huge amount! that is so very significant! When I’m tired (which is so often these days as I don’t get enough sleep), I eat nearly everything I can get my hands on (thus the weight). But I am determined to change that. I have several times in the past couple of weeks detoured around the “but I need a piece of chocolate after breakfast” and the “but I need cookies after lunch/before bed” siren calls.

    Step by step. Bird by bird. We can both do it!

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