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Days Off and Getting Things Done

on November 29, 2013

I’ve really enjoyed not getting up at 6 a.m. for the last two days. Not that I haven’t embraced purposely setting my alarm earlier than I did for years just so that I can exercise, but having two days off where I can sleep in even a little longer is nice. I’ve taken full advantage, even if that’s changed a bit over the years. These days, sleeping in means staying in bed until at least 7:30 a.m. Going further into the morning is better, but I’ll take what I can get.

I told you about yesterday on the previous blog post. Tonight, as I look back at the day I’m sort of impressed that I both relaxed and was still productive. I also had fun. Today I started my second annual post-Thanksgiving three-day detox. You might remember that this time last year I tried a detox promoted by Dr. Oz. I drank fruit and vegetable smoothies, four a day, for three days, plus drank green tea and took a hot bath every night. My body felt great through it all and I lost seven pounds.

This year, it just felt like a good time to do another three day detox of some sort. Okay, I mostly didn’t want to do the one drink that Dr. Oz included that had cucumber as an ingredient. I don’t like raw cucumber unless it’s in tzatziki sauce. Even for the sake of a detox, I couldn’t stomach it. So, I changed up the program a little, adding in some different ingredients. Dr. Oz might have had some magic combo, but I don’t think my alterations are taking me too far off of the charted course. I have healthy fruits, some veggies, including super greens, unsweetened almond milk, the occasional tablespoon of almond butter — you get the idea. I’m also incorporating some protein powder so that my muscles have enough protein for support.

For some reason, these efforts are easier to stick to when I’m not at work. I have no idea why, but I was successful last year and figured that I’d go with what worked. One day down, two to go.

The dogs and I began the day with a good walk. I thought about a bike ride but the wind was blowing pretty hard. When we got back, I worked on a package project and loaded my car with some boxes that I needed to ship. I then headed out to take care of a few errands. The pet supply store and the health food store are in the same small shopping plaza. After I picked up some dog food and put it in the car, I walked across toward the health food store, but my attention was caught by a rack of clothing outside the woman’s clothing store.

I have only been in that clothing store once before and it might have been 20 or more years ago. Even then I only went in because my mother was shopping. The clothing sizes didn’t go up to anything that I could wear. Today I thought that might be different, so I went in and browsed. I’m in sort of a funny size place right now. There are polo shirts I can wear in a men’s medium. In Women’s sizes that are more generously cut, I can wear a 16W pant or a Large shirt. I figured that I had nothing to lose by just trying different things. I discovered that a regular 18 pant zipped up just fine. For tops, it depending on the style whether I could wear a regular large or needed an XL. Whatever the case, I found exactly what I needed — black capris and khaki capris. These are basics that will get me through and the ones that I have are too big and can now be donated.

I also found a long sleeve red knit with a little sparkling detail that will be good for a holiday party next week, a cute aqua top and a periwinkle nubby knit zip up sweater. Believe it or not, it occasionally gets cool enough down here that I need a sweater. You know what made all of these even more fun, besides the fact that I could shop locally? Four of the six things I bought were already marked down and then they took an additional 40% off at the register. Score!

When I got home after the errands and impromptu shopping trip, I experienced a surge of energy. Earlier in the day, I’d entered my Room of Doom, aka the third bedroom which is supposed to function as an office. Instead, it is so loaded with clutter that it would qualify me for one of those shows where professional organizers are needed. I’ve said for a few years now that I would tackle the mess and yet, somehow, I always manage to fill my life doing other things. I believe I might even have stated on this blog sometime earlier (way earlier) this year that I was going to clean up that room before the end of the year.

Have you looked at a calendar? The end of the year is a month away. Tick tock, Mary, I said to myself.

Well, I took the bull by the horns, which is to say that I picked up the shredder and carried it out to the dining room table. I then grabbed several piles of unsorted papers and documents and buckled down. I believe I attacked the task for a full two hours. I can actually see a few square feet of the floor in that room. I have a lonnnggg way and many, many more hours to go, but at least I made a positive start.

I was so pleased with myself that I was even more energized. It appeared that the wind had died down somewhat, so I strapped on my bike helmet and went for a ride.

That whole “wind had died down” bit was an illusion. Heading into the wind, I was okay as long as I rode opposite some buildings. I had to pump, but that felt kind of good and challenging. I got some respite when I looped around to the path that runs around the golf course and headed west. However, eventually the path led me back in the other direction and this time there was no break. Holy wow, the wind was fierce! I had to dial down to one of the easiest gears! Thank goodness this only lasted about another mile before the golf course loop was complete. Pretty soon I was on my way home with the wind at my back which made it all much easier.

I guess that energy feeds energy. When I got back to the house I still wasn’t ready to call it quits so I leashed up Nat and Pyxi for another walk. I figure that three quarter mile stroll served to stretch out my muscles after the challenge of the bike ride.

When we got home, I mixed up the evening smoothie and chilled out for awhile. Everything I did today must have stimulated plenty of endorphins. I feel terrific — mentally, emotionally, and physically. There’s a lot to be said for taking a day off and getting things done.

3 responses to “Days Off and Getting Things Done

  1. Hope says:

    Doesn’t it feel good to throw stuff out? I’ve been throwing a lot of stuff out lately. It feels awesome.

  2. Skye says:

    Mary, your day exhausts me! Of course, it also sounds beautiful and causes me to want to be able to do that. Even though I’ve been getting a fair amount of “well, you’re older now and won’t be anything like your younger self” talk lately, what you are describing inspires me to think that maybe I *can* achieve at least similar levels of energy and activity, once I begin actually doing. Thank you. Hope your body rewards you by feeling terrific in the morning, too.

    • Mary Stella says:

      Skye, I’ll be 56 in just over a month. I have friends in their 70s whose energy amazes. I’ve come to realize that the limits are those we set by our lifestyles.

      This is all new to me but each day reveals more. I started small after surgery and built from there. You can to! Believe it, my friend.

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