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Little Things

on June 24, 2013

Sometimes I think I focus on the big picture so much that I overlook that it’s made up of lots of little things.  A huge weight loss is still achieved pound by pound.  Long term abstinence is achieved choice by choice, meal by meal, one day at a time.

There are even more specific little things that I haven’t attended to as well as I did when I first started out.  It’s helpful to go back and do a little analysis.   I told you that I’d gained some weight while away.  I was sort of shocked at the number of pounds although I knew that mathematically, it wasn’t possible for me to have actually gained that many.  (You need to consume 3600 calories more than you expend to gain a pound.  I’d have to drink multiple milkshakes in a day to consume 3600 calories at all, let along that many more than I burn.)  I figured that most of it was water weight.   I started retaining more water when I was away.  Last week, for the first time in a long time, I looked at my ankles and feet during a pedicure and they were decidedly puffy and swollen.  

Mind you, they weren’t as bloated as they used to be every single night.  Sometimes I swore it looking like someone had inserted water balloons beneath my skin.  When the pounds came off, so did a lot of that nightly bloat.  I wasn’t happy to see even a small percentage of it return.  At first I wrote it off to the travel, the change in weather temperature, routine, maybe more salt intake.  I figured the pounds would drop right off as soon as I got back.

When the pounds proved unusually stubborn, I took a closer look at everything, big and small.  I realized that I’m not drinking as much water and as is recommended each day.  In fact, I really wasn’t drinking much simple water at all unless I exercised.  I didn’t really work out while away and, due to crazy busy schedule on my return, I still didn’t get in as much exercise.  

Bingo.  Those simple, little things were probably the root.  I began to adjust.  I got to both Tai Chi classes.  Although I couldn’t make a Zumba hour, I resumed more walks with the dogs.  Over the weekend, I made sure to up my water intake by several ounces.

Sure enough, this morning, I saw the pounds reduce on the scale.   Today at work, I made sure to fill up my water glass a couple of times in addition to the green tea that I like to drink.  I didn’t get in as much extra as I did over the weekend, but it’s a start.  Tonight I walked the dogs after work, did some light weights for my arms, and then, just before I sat down to write this post, I did a set of Tai Chi on the porch.  Tomorrow I’m determined to get to Zumba class after work.  Oh how I’ve missed it!

Food plan.  Exercise.  Drink water.  These can produce big results even though, at the heart of it, they’re all little things on which to build success.

Think about the challenges or issues you’re struggling with right now.  Are there a few little things you can do or change that could help?

2 responses to “Little Things

  1. Skye says:

    My main challenge is to get moving and living again. I’m just vegetating. I know it’s a choice, but I still feel as if I’m in free fall. Gotta shake myself and boot myself in the butt and all that. As for little things: do my little exercises every day, to set up a routine of doing something. Start some basic routines in my life. And do the stuff that my therapist and I agreed I would do starting two weeks ago. Sigh.

    I love that you can figure out what’s missing or different when your body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to in this weight-loss journey. Glad you figured it out and that things are moving along again. Good for you!

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