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Fix More Than We Break

on June 21, 2013

At work some of us use an expression that says at the end of the day we like to fix more than you break.  That can have a number of interpretations from the literal to the symbolic.  Overall, if I feel like I accomplished more than I didn’t, made progress over backsliding or standing still, and had more of a positive impact than not, I can end my day feeling like I fixed more than I broke.

I’ve had a boatload of stuff going on this week at work.  I think I’ve mentioned the old vaudeville act that I used to see on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was a kid back in the 60s where a guy ran up and down a line of thin, weaving poles on which spun plates.  The goal, of course, was to keep the plates spinning so that they wouldn’t fall off of the poles and crash on the floor.  During his act the tempo of the music sped up and he ran faster and spun more frenetically while the audience held their breaths and gasped when a plate slowed down and wobbled, about to fall.

I wasn’t quite whirling around at that pace with that much stress, but I had numerous projects that I needed to see completed before the end of the week and they required a lot of attention (i.e. spinning) to get them to that completion.  One of those projects involves me becoming proficient on the content management system of our new website.  I’m already faster and more efficient than I was at the beginning of the week.  In a month it will be second nature, but right now, it’s a lot more work.   It’s a fun plate to spin, but wears me out.  I meant to post on this topic last night, but honestly, I was so tired of staring at a computer screen and typing away at a keyboard, that I simply couldn’t force myself to write any more.

I’ve been focusing on my food plan, logging what I eat and what exercise I do into MyFitnessPal.  Every night that I stay true to that practice, I feel like I’m fixing more of my health than I’m breaking.  The last three days have gone well eating-wise.  Unfortunately, I’m still retaining a leaky boatload of fluid so I’m not seeing great weight loss.  I’m holding onto my calm about it because I know that as long as I stay on the plan, eventually the scale will start moving again in the right direction.

I also realized that I haven’t done as much exercise in the last week.  I let the hectic schedule get in my way, except for Tai Chi class on Wednesday night.  One of my dogs was hurting early in the week – a possible pinched nerve – so I didn’t get them out for walks the way I normally would.  (Even hurting, Nat would have hated if I left him at home and only walked his sister.  I couldn’t stand up to the sad look I perceived in his brown spaniel eyes.)  Another schedule conflict kept me from Zumba.  Too many plates spinning, so the physical activity crashed to a point.

I have Tai Chi class again tomorrow and then the rest of the weekend without commitments.  Natty isn’t stiff and hurting any more, so we can all get out for walks.  There aren’t weekend Zumba classes at times that don’t conflict with Tai Chi, but I have plenty of options to, ahem, exercise for working out at home, including jogging and other stuff in the pool.  I will get back on track, which is another way to fix more than I break.

The point to all this is that I realize that I can’t be all things to all people — even to myself.  I can’t always do it all every single day.  It would be great if I always kept all plates spinning at full force in perfect unison.  The fact is that all of the plates matter, but sometimes one or more of them might be a little off kilter and need more immediate attention than others.  It’s okay.  As long as at the end of the day I fix more than I break, life is good.

2 responses to “Fix More Than We Break

  1. Skye says:

    I like the phrase “fix more than you break” and how you use it. I’m going to try to incorporate that.

    It sounds like you are really doing well and prioritizing well and taking good care of yourself, including not beating yourself up for not getting more exercise. You are such a good inspiration!

  2. kipper43 says:

    Mary, I know the spinning too many plates can be overwhelming. I am glad you are committing to my fitness pal for logging food. I live by it. Good and bad days and I look back at good weeks and learn from my bad days/weeks. I have logged in for 250 days straight! I track food exercise and if I have water weight I track that too.
    Your Tai Chi class I bet keeps you balanced mentally and physically, awesome job!
    Remember you are only one person, you set your priorities and you get your stuff done. Asking for help when needed, while uncomfortable for you, I am glad too see you are doing that also.
    You are doing great, you are staying on track. Sometimes there are hurdles. You can conquer them.
    Keep up the great work!

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