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Reaffirming Strength

on June 11, 2013

This is going to be short.  I just want to say that I made it through another day where I was good on the food plan.

What a lesson because today was hellish in its intensity, emotion and sheer busy-ness.  I had a Board meeting mid-afternoon for an organization that I belong to in which the agenda had several hot button, emotion-causing issues that required some really hard decisions be made.  I was home for less than an hour before going to the Board meeting for yet another organization that I serve.  Not so emotional, but still brain draining.  Oh and, of course, also a little something called my day job.

It’s now 10 p.m.  I spent two hours writing up the minutes from the early meeting while events were still fresh in my mind to supplement my notes.  I’m tired, cranky and have a headache . . . and now I need to go pack my suitcase because I head out of town tomorrow afternoon for another trip including a night flight.  Thank goodness this trip will be filled with family and friends and not work.  Still, tomorrow’s going to be another long day.

So what’s the lesson?  If I can go through a day like today and maintain my abstinence, I can stay abstinent through anything.  I need to remember this the next time I encounter a little something stressful and think that I must absolutely dive into something sugary, carb-dense, or fatty — or all three.

No matter what, I really can make healthier choices than giving into compulsion.  Remembering this reaffirms my strength.

2 responses to “Reaffirming Strength

  1. Susanne says:


    Enjoy your time with your family.

    (Skye, hope everything is going well for you.)

  2. Skye says:

    Yes, you are immensely strong! Good for you for maintaining and abstaining today.

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