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The Right Bra – Part (Double) Deux

on June 2, 2013

Some months back in a post about shopping for new, smaller sized clothes, I proclaimed my agreement with whomever said that the right bra can change your life.  Today I learned that where I shop for bras can make a big difference too.  Since beginning my weight loss journey, I’ve had two bra measurements done at a woman’s plus size clothing store.  No surprise, the band size number has gone down quite a bit — from a 50 to a 40.  However, the cup size didn’t change.  All this time I thought I was still a D cup so I’ve bought several bras in size 40D.  Each time that I had the measurements done in the clothing store, the saleswomen were helpful, but only to a point where they told me the size, pointed me toward the bra section and told me to let them know if I needed any assistance.

I wound up with a couple of new bras the last time, but the selection in that size wasn’t extensive.  So, to round out my supply, I shopped online.  Some of the bras fit better than the others or supported better.  On some, well, there was definitely some “spillage” over the cup.  I figured that was because of the some of the excess skin that’s developed as I lost weight and made do.

As you know, I’m “off the rock” for a business conference.  I had some time to kill today before the conference launched, so I cruised around an outdoor shopping center with some nice stores.  For the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of television ads for Soma, a store that specializes in lingerie, sleepwear, and the like.  As I browsed the center, I saw a Soma store and thought, “Why not?”

I entered and was greeted by a friendly woman who asked if she could help.  I explained about my recent weight loss and said that I wasn’t really sure I was using the right bras.  First off, she offered me a measurement  and told me that the numbers came up as a 40 DD. Huh?  I’ve never even tried on a DD cup, even at my heaviest.  I just always went up in band size number.  I was a little skeptical but figured I’d see what they had to offer.

The nice saleswoman became my personal bra consultant.  We talked about the clothing I usually wear and what I needed.  She then excused herself to select some options.  Less than five minutes later she returned with four different styles.  She left the dressing room to give me time to put on the first bra and then came back to assess the fit and comfort, adjust the straps, and see what I thought.  We repeated this process four times!  I don’t think I’ve ever had this much attention for any kind of clothes shopping, short of that bridesmaid’s dress that I needed to have made for me to wear in a friend’s wedding.  I sure as heck haven’t received this level of quality service for a bra.

I have to tell you that I have never been this pleased with a bra purchase before.  I ended up with multiple new ones, all of which fit and feel great, provide the right support, and make me look really good.  Happily, the ones that I wanted were also on sale, so replenishing my bra wardrobe didn’t break the budget.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why I didn’t realize that I needed to go up a cup size.  Since I haven’t gained weight in my boobs, I can only conclude that when you wear a 48 or 50 D, the actual size of the D cup is naturally bigger than the cup in a 40 D.  Make sense?  Whatever is the reality of bra design and manufacturing, the double D cup is definitely the right size for me now.  I, and the girls, are very happy.

I’m not one to endorse a particular store, but I will give high marks to Soma and to Rae, the saleswoman.  I listened to other saleswomen with other customers, and this is clearly how this store chooses to deliver service.  I’m sure there are other specialty lingerie stores that also take this approach.  So here’s what I will endorse.  If you’ve never gone into a store where lingerie is their priority and not just a section, I urge you to treat yourself to the experience.  Get the bra measurement and then relax and enjoy while the woman finds what you need, brings it to you, and then helps you assess whether you like what you’re wearing.

We’re women.  Dressing our breasts is important.  Wearing the right bra –one that fits the way that a bra should — completely changes your silhouette and helps your body look its best.  That matters.  We deserve to look our best and we deserve this level of service to help us achieve the look.

Good luck!

2 responses to “The Right Bra – Part (Double) Deux

  1. Skye says:

    I vastly preferred when I was younger and much thinner and didn’t have much bust to speak of, so I went braless a lot of the time. Then I put on weight and had to wear a bra much of the time, and certainly when I was out in public. As I’m losing weight, I look forward kind of to losing weight in the bust as well, although I’ve become comfortable with my B-cups. Yeah, I said B. When I was younger it was A. 🙂 Like I said, not much bust to speak of. But at any size, bras are a pain. I think it’s terrific that you’ve found a place and terrific bras!

  2. inkgrrl says:

    Bras are key and sizing is so misunderstood. I’ve had a lot of issues the last few years with wearing them, and have had to research up the wazoo how a bra is “supposed” to fit, vs how most of mine have been fitting. Learning how band sizes scale vs. how cup sizes scale was very enlightening. Congrats on getting a proper fitting and some new underpinnings!

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