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Being Vigilant

on April 25, 2013

We’re now past the 330 post mark here at Weighty Matters.  I honestly thought I’d run out of things to say by now, but then I remember that I’ve had a lifetime of eating disorders and obesity.  It stands to reason that I wouldn’t have worked everything out, as if my magic, in a few weeks or months.

I’m in a good place overall in my life, certainly a lot better than I was before I began the journey.   When I think of how I used to react to issues and how differently I deal today, it’s really close to miraculous.  Take these last couple of weeks with the stress and anxiety-producing situations.  A couple of years ago, this stuff would have sent me leaping head long into ice cream sundaes, cakes, pizza binges and everything else you could imagine.   These days I’m rolling with them, processing the problems, living with the stress when I need to, and finding ways to cope that don’t involve binge eating.

My doctor’s appointment is tomorrow.  I’m in a good place about that too.  If the doctor isn’t 100% supportive of the 20 pound weight loss I’ve achieved in the last three months, I am not going to let it trigger inappropriate eating.  My boss reminded me that I can also use it as an opportunity to perhaps educate him on how his words and attitude could negatively impact one of the patients he’s trying to help.  I’m tougher now and able to withstand things like this, but someone who hasn’t shored up their emotional defenses could be devastated and end up with their ongoing recovery in jeopardy.

That almost sounds sort of over confident, even cocky of me.  I don’t mean to be and I sure don’t feel overconfident.  I am all too aware that I need to remain vigilant.  If I don’t protect my recovery on all levels, I can and will begin to backslide.  When faced with something that challenges my new approach to healthy eating, fitness and all that goes with the new lifestyle, I have a choice.  I can process and face the issue, come here and write about it or work it out however I need to, or I can cave in and go back to the old unhealthy habits.

I guess that I won’t run out of topics as long as I keep facing challenges.  We could be here a while, friends. 🙂

I want you to know that I’m also open to other topics.  If there’s anything you’re curious about or facing  and would like to introduce it as a topic, please let me know.

I’ll let you know how things go with the doctor tomorrow!

One response to “Being Vigilant

  1. Skye says:

    I’m all for your educating your doctor on how his attitude could have an impact. That’s an excellent idea.

    I think anytime a person changes a long-term habit or how they deal with a long-term chronic problem, they have to remain vigilant and keep pushing. Of course, I say that from the couch that I keep saying I will get up from and go excercise, which hasn’t happened yet. 🙂

    Happy to continue this journey with your for as long as you are willing to take us with you. Good luck at the doctor’s.

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